Interbike 2013: Accessorise with Topeak!

by Marc Basiliere 7

The dark side of add-ons

So. Many. Things.
So. Many. Things.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where exactly the tipping point between well adapted and unfit for consumption lies.  But it’s not hard to know on which side this thoroughly-accesorised display bike from Topeak sits.

Now, I’ve got nothing against Topeak- in fact my own go-to pump is a battered, faded, but functional fourteen-year-old Master Blaster from the Taiwanese company.  And their floor pumps seem similarly excellent.  Still, every time I passed this particular bike, it merited a pause.  And a shudder.

You'll want this
You’ll want this

While there are eleven accessories called out in the answer key above, only nine actually go with the bike.  Looking at the bike, surely there are more?

Over to you:  how many accessories can a trail bike support without being overwhelmed?

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  1. oh dear god… eyes…..

    a pump is ok…
    and small saddle pack is ok…ish
    thats about it.

  2. I can just about handle my lights, batteries and mudguards which still makes me a bit upset.

    Would prefer no clutter at all… OCD maybe?

  3. Mudguards (apart from fender bender type – NO
    Saddlebag – bikepacking only
    Pump – inside your pack!!!
    Those toptube Fuel boxes things – probaby ace for bikepacking/100milers etc

  4. The Ride-Up Stand looks pretty handy though.

    (What bike is that? Unusual[?] rear suspension/linkage set-up).

  5. Hmm that top tube thing might come in hand on my road bike. Is it aero?

  6. It’s a show bike, showing off the kit they sell, not how they are expecting to see you riding with everything on.

    Fuel Tank, Saddle Bag, Bottle cage and CO2 system are maybe not at home on a trail bike, but on an XC rocket?
    You’ll certainly find all of the above on mine. (except I’ve got my CO2 stuff in the saddle bag)

    topeak aren’t deciding what should be on your bike, that’s up to you.
    Get a grip FFS

  7. That fuelbox jobby may be what I’ve been after to put the battery for the front light… Currently my lead is strapped to my toptube to the battery in a similar bag under my seat lol

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