Fresh Goods Friday 162

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What’s that coming over the hill? Is it the weekend? Just before we head out to meet it, here’s the Freshest of this week’s Fresh Goods…

Saracen Ariel 16x

It's a ripper
It’s a ripper

Just for the 26″ fans here’s the Saracen 16x long termer in it’s current guise. It’s currently acting as a testbed for Mavic’s Crossmax Enduro WTS wheel set, Shimano Zee, KS Lev dropper post and E*Thirteen’s TRS Race crankset.

Price: £1399.99

From: Saracen

Singletrack Mug

It's a mugs game
It’s a mugs game

Ultimate drinking vessel for caffeination or rehydration for the nation.

Price: £8.99

From: Singletrack Shop

Singletrack tees


All the casual/bike office favourite bike mag branded smart wear you’ll ever need.

Price: £19.99

From: Singletrack Shop

Pacenti/Chris King 27.5 Wheels

Wheely good?
Wheely good?

31mm wide Pacenti rims? Don’t mind if we do. Ours are spoked up to a pair of Chris King hubs and weigh not a lot.

Simple measures
Simple measures

Price: £912.00

From: Evolution Imports

Osprey Pixel Port 14


It’s all about the commuting bag in the office at the moment. Here’s Osprey’s Pixel Port for all your laptop carrying needs.

Price: £80.00

From: Osprey

Met Parabellum


Here’s the enduro flavoured Parabellum; venty, peaky and light goodness.

Price: £140.00

From: MET Helmets

Mavic Crossmax SL Ti Pedals

Le pedel
Le pedal

Super light Carbon and Ti pedals for cross country and all mountain riding. We’ve also got the slightly heavier but £100 cheaper Crossmax SL’s in to test.

Price: £230.00

From: Mavic

Northwave Extreme Winter GTX Boots

Winter's coming?
Winter’s coming?

Anyone would think that summer’s over by the flow of winter product heading into the office right now, Northwave’s Extreme Winter boots promise warm and dry toes no matter how grim the weather turns out.

Price: £219.99

From: i – ride

 Truflo Airess Track Pump


A tasty track pump for ease of effort workshop tyre pumping.

Price: £59.99

From: Madison

Continental Trail Kings


The Rubber Queen (name)  is dead, long live the Trail King! Same tyre, same performance, here’s the tubeless ready 29er flavour option.

Price: £49.95

Continental Mountain King 27.5 2.4

Oh yeah 1
Mo’ mountain.

Griptastic tubeless ready middle way rubber for the new kids on the block, 27.5, riders.

Price: £49.95

Both From: Continental Tyres

Winter Gloves!

How many hands?

Next issue we’ll be testing winter gloves.

From: Everyone

Gore Bike Wear Universal Thermo Beany

Write your own caption

Thermo wear for under helmets or playing pirates.

Price: £21.99

Gore Bike Wear Universal SO Face Warmer

Silence of the Lames
Silence of the Lames

Depth of winter face protection, also works for ‘bank jobs’.

Price: £24.99

Gore Bike Wear Element GT Lady and Alp-X 2.0 GT AS Lady Jackets


Waterproofs for the biking Alp-X generation.

Price: £219 Alp-X / £149 Element

Gore Bike Wear Power 2.0 Thermo Lady Jersey and Power 2.0 SO Lady

Singletrack Sisterz
Singletrack Sisterz

Insulation for the lady.

Price: £79.99 Power Thermo / £139.99 Power 2.0

Gore Bike Wear Fusion Tool SO Jacket

Not a lady?

Depth of winter’s warmth in one jacket.

Price: £159.99

All From: Gore Bike Wear

That’s it for this week, we’re off out for the office ride to ease ourselves into the weekend.

See you Monday for the Debrief…


Comments (20)

    Mavic pedals = Time? They even say Atac on them. And you can get the Time carbon/ti atacs for a fair chunk less than £230

    Not too late to add a set of Perfect Curves to the gloves test! Seem like a lot of autumn/wet summer options there though, Neptunes and the like. This isn’t going to be one of those winter tests that ends up saying things like “comfortable down as low as 5 degrees” is it?

    Oh, also careful with that thumb on the pacenti rims, you’ll dent them.

    Yow! Pedal and wheel prices for stuff that’s going to get smacked by rocks!

    loved my “old” yellow Parabellum – this looks nice in blue especially on Hannah Barnes *cough*…….

    Time to accidentally drop my Met Kaos then

    The Saracen looks nice.

    Still confused about the difference between a “trail” helmet and an “endura” helmet…

    Enduro, damnit. You know what I meant.

    I’m still surprised some tyres cost near on £100 for a pair.

    £9 for a mug!? Proof – if any more were needed – that STW thinks we’re all made of money 😉

    How are those wheels £900??

    Like bump and grinding. We’re strictly dancehall…

    “I’m still surprised some tyres cost near on £100 for a pair.”

    I’m still surprised that people are surprised that good rubber that’s grips and pedals well, and is the point of contact between you and the trail beneath you, and doesn’t weigh more than Jupiter costs nearly £100.00 ; ]

    I know those prices are RRP but they are mighty steep!!

    Glad I have plenty of kit already so “I’m out”

    I for one love my Mtn Kings, so If I ever can afford a new bike and it happens to be 650b, I’m glad the rubber is there.

    £20 for a STW tee though. Don’t be daft. Morvelo, yes. STW, no. Think Alpkit.

    “£20 for a STW tee though. Don’t be daft.”
    For a 100% organic tee

    £20 is good value, much cheaper than a Russians bar tab!

    Another price comment. I’d want some amazing winter boots but £220! They look like they’d do the job though.

    Don’t know about the colour of that SO jacket, but Stephen Merchant looks chuffed to bits with it!

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