Interbike 2013: Maxxis adds skinwall, quick Ardent

by Marc Basiliere 4

Loads of tubeless-ready options, too

Those of a certain age...
Those of a certain age…

Granted, skinwall tyres aren’t to everyone’s liking- but they are effective at pulling bling-blinded cyclists of a certain age out of the trade show aisle.  For 2014, the Maxxis Ardent 29×2.25 and 29×2.4 will be offered with a tan wall.  Awesome, right?  Just the thing for that skinny-tubed hardtail, wouldn’t you say?

More knobs, more tightly spaced.
More knobs, more tightly spaced.

Aside from a monster DH tyre, the Ardent Race is Maxxis’ new tread for 2014.  Clearly resembling to the original Ardent, the Ardent Race’s knobs are similar but lower and more tightly spaced.  This should make for lower rolling resistance and – it stands to reason – a nice rear when paired with an Ardent front.  (Or an aggressive race front with an Icon rear?)  The tube-type and tubeless-ready Ardent Race will be available in a 2.2in width for 26in, 27.5in, and 29er wheels.  Sadly, no skinwall is mentioned for this quick, high-volume addition.

Ardent tread for comparison
Ardent tread for comparison

Maxxis has also spent a good deal of time creating tubeless ready versions of existing tread patterns.  For 2014, everyone from XC racers to the Enduro crowd will be able to benefit from sealant-approved casings with tubeless bead shaping:

Tubeless Ready
Ikon26×2.20; 26×2.35; 29×2.20; 29×2.35XCSealant approved
Crossmark26×2.10; 29×2.10XCSealant approved
Ardent26×2.25; 27.5×2.40; 29×2.25TrailSealant approved
Ardent Race26×2.20; 27.5×2.20; 29×2.20XC/TrailSealant approved
Ignitor26×2.10; 29×2.10TrailSealant approved
Minion DHF26×2.30; 27.5×2.30; 29x.230; 29×2.50Trail/EnduroSealant approved
Minion DHR II26×2.30; 29×2.30Trail/EnduroSealant approved
High Roller II26×2.30; 27.5×2.30; 20×2.30Trail/EnduroSealant approved

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  1. Skinwall just for 29ers – bah

  2. All tyres available in 26″ and 29″ 🙂

  3. I’m guessing that last High Roller II should read 29×2.30?

    Would be pretty rad in a 20″ though…

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