Interbike 2013: KS tease carbon fibre dropper

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XC and ‘cross, here we come!

Sometimes 65mm is all you need.
Sometimes 65mm is all you need.

While the details have yet to be finalised, it looks as though the kind folks at KS Suspension continue marching toward market with their short travel carbon dropper post.  With only 65mm of travel, the LEV Carbon is expected to come in at ~350g,  about 50g lighter than the company’s lightest alloy models.  It will be interesting to see if the introduction of shorter, lighter posts will lead to their adoption on more XC-oriented (or even cyclocross) bikes.

Smooth and carbon-y
Smooth and carbon-y

KS hasn’t committed to a date, but will say that posts with internal and external routing are planned.  Although much of the weight savings comes from the post’s short travel, we don’t see them having much trouble shifting as many $650 carbon posts as they can build.  If that model is successful, don’t be surprised to see short travel alloy models at more accessible price points.

Every little bit helps…

Also on the KS stand was this slimmed-down remote.  The Lock-On grip compatible clamp has been lightened up substantially.  Expect to see this remote, titanium bolts, and a carbon fibre lower saddle cradle on future alloy LEV posts.

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    Has the world gone mad or is it I who has lost his sanity while everyone else moves on in the sure knowledge that 650 USD (+ tax, I assume) is a reasonable amount of money for a seatpost

    Since when were top end bicycle components (or bike jewelery) cheap?

    It’s not a regular seatpost though is it – much in the same way as a pair of £1000 Kashima coated suspension forks are not the same as a regular rigid fork.

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