Interbike 2013: Continental commits to 27.5

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You may not be ready, but Conti is.

Welcome... to the future.
Welcome… to the future.

While many riders aren’t quite ready to embrace the mid-sized wheel revolution, the bike industry is mobilising on this particular standard in a remarkable way.  The shift to 27.5 may or not be directed by some secret council that convenes in the bowels of Mount Tam, but the change is apparent here in Las Vegas.

From fast to furious
From fast to furious

With 27.5 versions of the Mountain King, Trail King (Rubber Queen), X-King, and Race King in the wings, Continental’s four most popular tyres will be available for ’14 in the trendiest size.  From £20/$35 Asian-made replacement tyres to £50/$65 tubeless-ready ProTection models, the Germans have 650b fans covered.

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