Hebden – Bike Town

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If you’d any doubt that Hebden Bridge is a bike town, here’s the proof with a nice edit by Whitenosugar…

This was a film shot for the ‘Totally Locally’ – shop local campaign.

Here is the low down from Totally Locally (http://totally-locally.co.uk)

There’s a bit of maths that says if you spend £10 in a local shop that sells stuff from local producers the amount of money that goes back into economy can be over £50!

Well if you imagine that when you buy a Calderdale-made pie from a local shop, a big part of your money is passed on to the local piemaker. The shop employs a local accountant or even a decorator. In turn the piemaker who sources his meat from a local farm spends a big percentage of his money with the farmer. The farmer then spends some of his money at his local garage, the garage owner etc. etc.

With each step, around 80% of each spend goes into the local economy. So in effect the money that stays within Calderdale gets more & more.

Calderdale’s independent businesses are far more likely to use other local firms than any of the big national giants would – it’s what makes them tick and they know the true value of keeping it “Totally Locally”. It’s also a lot easier!

The more everyone spends within our area the stronger our economy grows, which means more jobs, better facilities, a vibrant town centre and a nicer place for us all to live.

This can be applied to everything from a college to bike manufacturers, to music shops, to food producers.

If you compare this with buying online & outside the area – where none of the money comes back into the Calderdale economy – it seems to make sense really. Add to this a smaller impact on the environment due to less transportation and you have good reasons for keeping your purchasing Totally Locally.

It’s not about protectionism, it’s about small decisions that have a big impact on where we live.

Only by following the money trail do you get a true sense of the knock-on effects of buying Totally Locally Calderdale. It takes you in all kinds of directions, ping-ponging from groceries and clothing, to tradesmen and accountants, each time adding to our economy. The trail is staggering.

So when you go for your next purchase, be it eggs, a sofa or new pair of shoes, consider the true effect of how you buy.

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Comments (15)

    There’s a bit of maths that says if you spend £10 in a local shop that sells stuff from local producers the amount of money that goes back into economy can be over £50!

    I think that’s how Lehman Brothers got in a spot of bother…

    Local shops for local people.

    i like the idea. I too dispute the £10 becomes £50 reasoning? could they mean £5?

    ok watched the video…. still doesn’t add up. if the local economy is a big bag. if someone from outside puts in £10, then the net increase to the local economy is £10. no matter what happens to that that £10 inside the bag that is the local economy it can only ever be £10. unless it is somehow able to bring in an additional £40 from outside of the bag? is it magnetic? or magic?

    Who fixed her flat? Spanner monkey put the bike in a stand and sloped off.

    not sure abou the maths but the weather was accurate.

    Not living in Hebden, should I stop buying singletrack and start purchasing the local newspaper instead? 🙂

    Being a bit of an economist I get the maths, goes pretty much how the film depicts – spend the money in a local shop and the owner (a local person) spends their money locally etc etc.

    Anyhow, ignoring all that technical stuff, cool vid!!

    no, the maths works out ok. this is keynesian economics applied to a local economy. it’s called the keynesian multiplier effect & there’s loads of real-world evidence for it. i know it seems counter-intuitive but then so are lots of things out there in the 21st century. if you think it’s a bit crazy take a look @ quantum mechanics — now that’s **seriously** loopy. doesn’t stop your iphone working tho (well, sometimes anyway), & the chips in that all depend on quantum mechanics being right. seems the world’s a seriously weird place & human brains are really not much good @ figuring out the weirdness. well, mine isn’t anyway, but fortunately i find hitting some trails relieves me from having to think about such things…

    Tax dodgers! One way to keep the money local 🙂 its all bangers n mash in Hebden!

    10 quid for a coffee is a bit steep.

    Hey who did fix the puncture? Come on I wanna know Chippie owd chap! Tenner for a coffee? You should know the tenner was for drugs! THAT’S how 10 makes 50! Anyway That sticky bud was under weight I bought at AJs chippy, I don’t count batter as its part of the packaging, man! My Missis left me last week because of it! Bum deal man, she says her new girlfriend listens to her and don’t call ‘it’ “the blob”. Least I can save some bread now, and get that phat bike, man bounces like a shroom trip, awesome! (Caveat. This is a joke and some of my best friends are females and males in a same sex relationship. I wish them no harm, those stoners down on the canal that block the towpath and give me grief in the pub can suck my greasy chain! I love Calderdale really I do. You should try it. Spend that tenner!)

    Seriously though Heb is cool. The buses have bike racks on them.

    it’s not the same tenner, every time it changes hands its a new tenner. money is an idea, and the note just a representation of it.

    otherwise the tenner bought a tube, coffee, sausages, printing….and Hebden ain’t that cheap.

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