Eurobike 2013: MRP

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The main news from MRP is the absorption of White Brothers into the brand. From here on in all products are flying under the MRP flag.

New for 2014 is the MRP Stage a 34mm stanchioned enduro/all mountain orientated fork which will come in 150mm,160mm and 170mm travel options for the 26/27.5 fork and 130mm, 140mm and 150mm for the 29er. Internal adjustment will allow the 26/27.5 to be set to 140mm and the 29er to run at 120mm.

There’s 14 clicks of ‘ramp control’ with fine adjustment of compression damping too. Weights are looking like 1995g for the 29er and 1950g for the smaller fork and it’ll come in an all black colour option only.


The rest of the range is much the same as the current White Brothers line up:

Loop TR


Rock solid, now available in all three wheel sizes
Snowpack fat fork, 26″ only for now

With the purchase of the rights to Elka’s Stage 5, MRP will also now be offering rear shocks.  The Raze 2CR  is basically the same shock rebadged.

Raze 2CR

Also on show was a prototype air shock, very much at the early development stage it’s likely to share the ‘ramp control’ seen in MRP’s forks.

Prototype air shock

Can’t get carbon bars wide enough? The HB1 is a massive 830mm of unidirectional carbon.

HB1 830mm carbon bars
35mm too for extra stiffness
35mm matching aluminium stems too
Bling rings
G3 gets tweaks
1x in all formats

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