Singletrack Editor Interviewed On BBC Radio Leeds

by Mark Alker 2

Today at 2pm.

Listen live as it happens here

The One On One programme airs at 2pm and is an hour long spot lead by Nick Ahad. The programme states that it is dedicated to ‘the great and the good of Yorkshire’. Chipps is today’s ‘Great and the Good apparently’, although he’s from Wiltshire. But hey, he’s lived in a crack in the ground in’t north for the last 12 years, so we think he’s earned his flat cap.

If you miss it live it will be available on the BBC’s Radio iPlayer soon after the live broadcast or via the Radio Leeds website here.

Currently we are running a Facebook and Twitter campaign to suggest Alan Partridge quotes we’d like him to try and slip in to the interview.

See Him! Studio Webcam here.

Radio Chipps


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  2. On-One guerrilla marketing strikes again?

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