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John Metcalf, sometime writer of travel features in the pages of Singletrack has told us he’s written a book and unusually it’s not a travel book or a guide to here and there – No, this is a proper work of fiction. An actual Novel.


The plot? Well we asked John to explain what it was all about..

“Praesagium follows three strangers who are preoccupied with their own futures. Lee the protagonist is a surf and riot photographer who believes that he can predict the future by processing data and tuning in to the weak causal signals. What’s more he was proving it could be done in some of the most unpredictable environments. Toni is embarking on a journey of self-discovery and puts her faith in chiromancy and the stars, whereas Mike believes life’s events are purely random. However when their paths eventually cross in Mexico none of them had foreseen the outcome.

Praesagium is an indie publication and your support for this project would be gratefully received”

If that’s piqued your interest then it’s available on Amazon for just 77p. John told us that he’d prefer it to be available free but that’s not possible with Amazon so he’s set the price as low as possible with the majority of the cash ending up in Amazon’s off shore account.

He’s already got a couple of Amazonian reviews, which we are sure are not from members of his own family. According to Amazon shopper JS10 it’s..

“..a brilliant piece of fiction writing. Metcalfe does a great job of bringing an intriguing set of characters to life through a fantastic plotline that twists and turns on its way to Mexico. As the title of the book suggests, a real sense of foreboding builds as the story unfolds to a climax that hits you like a hammer. I couldn’t put this down. Absolutely love the retro cover design as well! All in all absolutely tremendous value for 77p.

It’s not often we come across actual fiction in the bike industry so we thought we’d give John’s book a bit of a plug here. 77p barely gets you a can of Coke so give a try and don’t be shy of posting your own literary reviews on Amazon or even here.

John has written other non-fiction books about riding bikes too. Other books by John


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