Nukeproof Mega Medium. AM and TR both go 27.5in for 2014.

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Another range of bikes to be given some love from the bigger-wheels-machine is the Nukeproof Mega. These popular trail bikes have been redesigned to take advantage of the new 27.5in tidal wave.

The range has been developed over the last year with the help of riders like Joe Smith, Matt Simmonds and Nigel Page of team Chain Reaction Cycles/Nukeproof. The team recently took delivery of their first samples of the 2014 Nukeproof Mega 275 bikes and the edit below shows the team enjoying a couple of sunny days in North Wales testing the bikes on a variety of terrain including Antur Stiniog and some other, more secret tracks.

The new Mega AM 275 Pro

The bikes will still come in a 26in wheel frame-only option (as well as a 275 frame) but the complete bikes will be 27.5in. The AM is a slackish 66°/72° while the TR is 67°/73°.

And the Mega TR 275 Pro


We could tell you to go to for more details, but the truth is that nothing more is being given out until the bikes are launched officially at Eurobike in a couple of weeks. Needless to say, we’ll be there.

We did manage to poach the geometry charts from it though. Here you go:

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Comments (7)

    only the “Medium” ones? 😉

    No, sorry. Even the large and small are now medium.

    Is it wrong to feel unconvinced when Nukeproof riders tell you how good the newer, shinier, bigger wheeled, Nukeproof bike is?

    While you’re dreaming-up 650b conspiracy theories, I’ll be overtaking you on mine. See you at the bottom of the hill 😉

    “the new 27.5in tidal wave” I don’t think I’ve actually seen one out there in the real world yet! “27.5in splash in the sea of 26in”?

    “after 10 – 15 minutes, it feels just like a 26″ wheeled bike…”

    I was sceptical re 650b but after demo-ing a Bronson at the weekend I’m keen to try more models. I’ve lined up an Orange Five 27.5 and a Trance 27.5 as comparison and my lbs will be having Lapierre and Yeti models that I will try. I’ve grown up on 26ers and loved them but development means that there will always be something new round the corner and while I don’t like being told what to ride I’m all for progress.
    Jeez, I started on rigids but I wouldn’t want to still be riding one of those. For the record, the Bronson was stunning.

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