Eurobike 2013: Hope Technology

by Chipps 11

Hope’s biggest news this year is the new Tech3 lever. While the old Tech lever had its fans, it didn’t play well with all shifters and many riders found it a little greedy on handlebar space. The new Tech3 lever is now left and right-handed and is available with Shimano’s I-Spec and SRAM’s Matchmaker compatible brackets so that your shifters can fit directly to the lever.

Red, white and blue version on the show bike.



Comes in black too.

The  levers also offer more power than before – and the Hope M4 brake now becomes the ‘Enduro4’ brake with more power.

More clicks, less volume. Better for thrutchy moves.

Hope’s hubs will now have a quicker pickup due to 40 internal teeth rather than the old 24. It’s a little quieter and the pickup goes from 15° to 11°.

Hope now offers its bolt-together press-fit BB in more versions – this one is for PF30. They’ll do 24 and 30mm axle compatibility for all.


Hope’s Eternity post now has a one-piece top, rather than the glued on version of before. This’ll be out mid-October.


Lighting-wise, Hope is making a super dinky R1 light with a single LED and lithium battery.


R1 headlight – dinky.

And what’s this, hiding on Hope’s show bike. Hope wouldn’t say anything about it, but it’s definitely a thick-thin chainring for XX1 style setups. No word on production (dates or even a yes/no) but we’ll keep you posted on it.


Hope has a thick-thin ring in the works but didn’t shout about it.


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  1. “Hope has a thick-thin ring in the works but didn’t shout about it.”

    Potential patent battle coming?….

  2. Like the levers. Are they compatible with tech m4 of old?

  3. less clicky? Yesssssssss!

  4. Less clicky is a definite no no for me. I love the earth rattling clicks from my Pro3’s.

  5. Liking the levers – it’s about time they had something that would sync well with shifters. Faster pick-up’s worth having too. Not too fussed about the ‘noise level’ either way TBH.

  6. Ugly ugly levers presumably to mate better with shifters. Lose the flip-flop capability of the current Tech lever as well…..

  7. Is there a patent on the thick/thin teeth, Raceface just released one so guessing not?

  8. Clicky clicky clicky! Better pick up!?! Huh! Schlick up! BRING ON THE NOIZE! Old pro 3 thanks. Not digging the styles so much. Still it all looks so much better than some “other” makes! Saying that though. Hate this secrecy about products, why put it on a stand? Hope were being “secretive and non committal” at the bike show last year as well. Really wonder about the company and their publicity direction, does this send us the right signals about their products future? Oh and I wouldn’t want to put my pretty XTR shifters on them Evil(as in bad) Keneval(as in garish, tacky) levers, thanks. What’s that? Thought I rode a pink single speed bike? No I got two bikes ta, I’m loaded me. So listen up Hope. Clicky clicky click click! ;oD

  9. New hub with faster pick up, and a thick/thin chainring just the perfect upgrade for bike next year.

  10. Any idea on the availability of the pressfit 30 BB as my Sram one is rubbish.

    On a different note those brake levers are ugly.

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