Whyte Bikes – A future for 26in

by Dave Anderson 4

We had a quick trip up the M6 yesterday to catch up with Whyte Bikes, before their press launch on Friday, and managed to get the low down on what they’re predicting is the future of the 26″.

Introducing the Whyte 401, a erm, kids bike…

The future of 26″?

Think of it as a kid’s 29er and the perfect deposit for all of ‘Dad’s cast offs’.

We’re predicting there’s going to be some pretty pimped out examples of this bike as dads all over use it as an excuse to upgrade their own bike now there’s something that’s going to need all that ‘obsolete’ kit.

The 13″ X8 series aluminium 401 comes kitted out with a SR Suntour Raidon fork, Whyte branded finishing kit and a 1×10 Sram drivetrain, controlled by XO gripshift.

We’ll have a full report on the rest of the 2014 Whyte Bikes range after we’ve had a play on them tomorrow.

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  1. 29ers for kids? Genius!

  2. Tyre and rim manufacturers the world over groan as their plans to decommission their 26″ production lines are put on hold

    Love it lol

  3. Where, when, how much…!

    The boy’s only 5 but…

  4. My daughter’s 12, is 5 foot tall and is already on a Trek Cali SL 29er – She “doesn’t do” 26er’s – They’re for kids – Whyte may have a point!

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