Lapierre Launch 2014 Bike Range

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Dave’s just returned from the Lapierre 2014 launch in Chatel, here’s what’s new from Nico’s favourite bike company…

The first thing that’s hardly going to be surprising for anyone who’s not been living under a rock for the past few months is that there’s been another move to adopt 27.5 with the Lapierre Spicy and Zesty AM now being designed around the new wheel size.

For now downhill and freeride bikes remain 26″, enduro and all mountain oriented bikes go 27.5″, while XC and trail bikes up to 120mm travel will be 29″.

Suspension has been tweaked with input from Mr Vouillez, OST  (Optimised Suspension Technology) now becomes OST+ , a virtual pivot point system, which has been optimised to deal with 1x and 2x gearing and remove pedal input. Equipped on top models, and lower down the range available as an optional extra, is the Lapierre/Sram collaborative E:i electronic intelligence suspension system. This uses three sensors on the fork, stem and in the bottom bracket area to monitor bump input and cadence to activate and lockout the rear shock with three settings open/platform and lockout out. It’s possible to change the sensitivity of the system via the bike computer mounted on the stem.

Other tweaks and changes include a new linkage, 142x12mm dropout, ISCG05 tabs, BB92 press fit BB, tapered head tube, internal routing for all cables and carbon frames now feature a carbon downtube protector.

Lapierre is introducing a wider range of carbon models and introducing the use of Supreme 6 alloy which is a claimed 12% stronger than 7005 whilst still being 1.5% lighter and offering a better lifetime due to it’s microstructure.

 Lapierre Spicy 927 Team Carbon

Spicy Team
Spicy 927 Team Carbon

The Spicy is now 27.5 and offers 160mm travel up front and 150mm at the rear. The bike is available in 4 sizes, with an XL being offered for the first time. The frame has a longer top tube than older models, the large is 10mm longer and has a 10mm lower BB height.

The evolution in frame design has led to stiffness gains of +16% in the rear triangle, 28% at the BB and 8% at the head tube.

Slacker but not a slacker

The Spicy now has a 66.5 head angle and comes equipped from stock with a shorter stem and wider bars. All frames have internal routing for all cables including a dropper post.

e:i intelligent suspension, but not yet sentient

The Spicy team comes equipped with e:i as standard, it’s available on the Spicy 527 as an addition to the supplied spec.

New Pikes.

Rockshox freshly re-released Pike has been specced for the Spicy Team, Spicy 527 and 327 (both Supreme 6 frames) are specced with Fox 34’s.


The Spicy has been redesigned for shorter chain stays at 430mm and the chain stay is Supreme 6 across the range including the Team carbon.

A little bit of choice?

There’s an adjustment on the shock linkage if you really want to run 26″ wheels still.

Next page the Lapierre Zesty AM…

 Lapierre Zesty AM 527

Zesty AM
Zesty AM 527

The Zesty AM features the same frame as the Spicy but with 150mm/150mm travel with translates to a slightly steeper headtube angle of 67°.  6 models are available; 927 e:i,727 and 527 which all have carbon frames (chain stays Supreme 6) and the 427 and 327 which are Supreme 6 throughout.

Next page the Lapierre Zesty Trail

Lapierre Zesty 929 Trail

Zesty Trail 929

The Zesty Trail similarly comes in carbon at 929 e:i, 729, 529 levels while the 429 and 329 are both Supreme 6.

 Lapierre Zesty Trail 529

Zesty Trail 929
Zesty Trail 529

Next page for the gallery of the full range



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Comments (11)

    Any word on pricing? I *need* a spicy team in my life…

    We’re awaiting pricing. With the Team it’s probably safe to assume the “if you have to ask” rule

    Picture of the Spicy 327 has Fox forks but you say its going to have Pikes? Any idea which its most likely to be?

    The 927 has pikes, the 527 and 327 have fox 34s, as it says in the article.

    I wonder how long til we get xx1 electric shift using the same battery?

    Probably after SRAM makes an electric road groupset. We’re still waiting…

    Have Lapierre frames improved in terms of reliability? I know of quite a few people who have cracked theirs.

    The bikes look lovely. I hate to sound like a luddite but I’m not convinced I’d want that E:i gubbins on my bike – yet more bar controls and a computer sat on the steerer. Just seems like more to go wrong/break off.

    Like the colour scheme for the Spicy Team.

    I agree with grum. I could well do without the Ei. It’s not going to last 2 minutes over here in the depths of the winter on the Peaks… and another battery attached to the frame during a night ride… and its made by Sram so reliable with plenty of spares… nah ! As for reliability on the frames, Lapierre have a a lot of making up to do. The 2013 frames were made of cheese. Perhaps if they kept a good working model for a couple of years instead of rushing to change it every year they might have the time to iron out flaws like frame cracking… rant over !

    …apart from that I like them !

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