Throwback Thursday 2: Fish Out Of Water

by Tom Alker 0

Throwback Thursday continues with issue 11’s Fish Out Of Water feature, in which we sent Singletrack’s current deputy editor Jenn off to learn how to be a mountain bike photographer with top pro, Steve Behr (back in the days when she wasn’t our deputy ed…). Set the time machine for 2003…

Fish Out Of Water: Mountain Bike Photographer

Our challenge this issue is to take Jenn, an amateur, landscape photographer and turn her into a snapper worthy of Singletrack. And we got Steve Behr to help us.

Words and pictures by Jenn.

I’ve called myself a photographer for years now, so long I can’t even remember how the love affair began (think having a boyfriend who spent plenty of time in the school darkroom might have had something to do with it…). I have a camera about my person most of the time, and often find myself unintentionally looking at the world as one big image. I hadn’t taken many riding pictures until recently, preferring to stick to my pet subjects of multi-storey car parks and rainy-day snails, but having recently found a willing group of wannabe starlets.

I’ve started dragging the camera gear out with me on rides. Results have been mixed, and I’m curious to find out if I can actually take my art-oriented brain and train it to take the kind of action shot that magazines will pay money for. So Singletrack threw me in at the deep end by sending me on a photoshoot with top photographer Steve Behr, whose work I’ve been admiring for (ahem) a while, a willing model in the form of Russell, and a fine lump of South Downs on a glorious summer’s evening to see if they could turn me into an mountain bike photographer.

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