On One Baby Fatty – a kid’s fat bike.

by Chipps 13

In between ‘going for a bike ride even though it’s a bit wet out’, On One’s designer, Brant Richards has sent us a photo and some details of his newest creation. This time, instead of 26in wheels turning into 27.5, as they seem to be throughout mountain bike land, he’s taken 26in wheels (with 4in tyres) and made them smaller…

Why should adults have all the fun? Here’s a fat/snow/sand/fun bike for shorter and/or younger people. It’s been dubbed the ‘Baby Fatty’ and features 24in fat tyred wheels and a 12in frame. Richards says he ‘did the radical step of “making the wheels smaller” and “making other bits smaller too”.’

For the kid that doesn’t have everything. A 24in Fat Bike.

It’s a 24in wheel with a 4.0in tyre, fitted on a smaller 12in frame, designed specifically for the 24in snow-tyre rims, has a new unicrown fork, new 44mm headset, but all the same quality of manufacture as On One’s regular full size Fatty has.

It’ll be priced at around £800, so a little over ‘impulse buy birthday present for junior’ but features decent kit that should last a while. And, if you’re lucky enough to be short enough to buy it for yourself, it’ll provide a fine machine to mess about on (and/or do giant snow races on…)

The regular On-One Fatty has been On One’s best selling mountain bike of the year so far and it is currently offering a “rolling chassis” kit of frame, fork, wheel and tyre set, for just £499, allowing handy people to build their own Fatbike with parts they have lying around. Complete grown-up adult size Fatty bikes retail from £999.

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  1. I don’t get why fat bikes cost so much for so little.

  2. low volume production?

  3. Hubs, rims and tyres cost LOADS. Frame costs quite a bit more. Fork a touch more too.

  4. How about a ‘normal’ kids 24inch bike…?

  5. How about a ‘normal’ kids 24inch bike…?

    Frame only please for November. Little Leku will be 9 and would rather build up a frame for him.

  6. Leku, I built a 14″ OnOne Inbred for my 7 and 8 yr old girls. Just used s/h SID forks, change the neg air to make them 80mm. Deore 10spd gruppo, ONone flat bars cut down, 35mm stem, I beam post/saddle with loads of adjustment and some 24″ wheels. Perfect. Lighter than 99% kids bikes. Proper forks, discs and gears. They both love them and neither is super tall. When they get bigger….26″ wheels, no need to upgrade frame until they exceed 5’5″. Job done. It cost me about £600 all in, but it’s a one off payment, no need to keep changing.

  7. Why would you buy your kid a bike that weighs more and has significantly more rolling resistance than a “normal” bike? I’m all for making kids work harder, but I mean at the washing up or down the mines, not when I take them riding.

    Kids are lighter too (expecially ones than need a 12″ frame and 24″ tyres, so they wouldn’t sink so much into sand/snow like an adult does.

    Its cute though. Will On-One do one in pink for girls too?

  8. Brant – Wheel, tyre and fork available as a separate item please please please! How much and when would it be possible?

    There is a distinct lack of 24″ suspension forks around (or any decently fat tyres). Junior needs a bit of front squish and I’m almost considering retrobike sacrilege and cutting / re-bonding some Pace RC36 MXCDs.

  9. i should think it weighs less than most of the usual ‘toy’ kids bikes around,
    it would be a comfy and safe trail bike for kids.

  10. many of us would appreciate a decent 24 ” bike or small MTB for their kids but a fatty- surely the market for the Justlikedads is far greater than the kids fat bike market? How many you really expecting to selll?
    PS air forks for the JLD as my kids are light

  11. Awesome. Wish my boy was older, I’d have one of these for him no worries.

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