Monday Morning Debrief 33

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With storms on the way there was only ever going to be one plan this weekend.

Climb high and make the most of the dry moorland singletrack. So that’s what we did

Getting high
Getting high

Chillled out riding at its best. A chance to spin and take in all the best bits of High Brown Knoll in a ride that evolved rather than was planned.

A simple up, along, along some more, drop back all the way into town ride. A ride that dished the good stuff and it was dry, dusty and oh so fast. It feels like payback for the previous summer and then some. UK riding at its best. A weekend of sunshine and dodging the showers.

Buff as it gets
Buff as it gets

*Random trail thoughts.

I’ve had a Patriot66 for some time now, it’s the go to bike for big mountain days and alpine adventures. A solid bike when pointed downhill that, while unlikely to win any prizes on its uphill performance, will let you sit and winch in something resembling the edges of pedalling efficiency. It’s not a bike you’d reach for when you’re heading out on an XC ride. It’s a reassuring 33 pounds; robust even.

Old love

I’ve spent the last few weeks riding everything on the Five RS. Tech rides, XC rides, everything. It feels light, it climbs well, and it’s just as capable when pointed down as the Patriot. With only 10mm less front travel, it’s nearly five pounds lighter. It’s the bike I’ll be taking to the Alps this year.


Bikes are evolving. Bikes are definitely getting better.

This is a good thing, yeah?

How was your weekend?

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