Josh Bryceland on Trans World Sport

by Chipps 0

Tom Gulson works for Trans World Sport and used the opportunity to shoot with his friend (and hero) Josh Bryceland. It was shot over a couple of days, in revolution Bikepark and then on the second day around his hometown in Cheshire, where he got his first sponsorship (North West Mountain Bike Centre) and at his canal boatyard where he grew up, with interviews from his mentor, Andy Kyffin and his dad, Iain. There’s also footage from John Lawlor kindly donated, on behalf of Santa Cruz Bikes, from his 2008 Junior World Championship run.

Chillin’ on the boat
Always rocking the sweet haircut
“Alright mate?”

And now for the video!

Thanks to Trans World Sport for this. Here’s a plug for them: “Trans World Sport is the world’s longest-running sports magazine show. Broadcasting in over fifty countries worldwide every week, the programme has covered just about every sport on the planet in its 26 years on TV. Specialising in getting closer than anyone else to the stories behind the sport, Trans World Sport crews have filmed in over 180 different countries, and across every continent. The show is celebrated equally for its coverage of extreme, alternative and unknown sports as it is for its access to the most celebrated talent and significant events.”