Monday Morning Debrief 32

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So what do mountain bike journos do when they get a week’s holiday?
They mostly ride bikes for fun* it seems.
I remember when this was all, erm, fields
I remember when this was all, erm, fields
Just ‘cos you write about bikes for a living doesn’t always mean that you get to ride them as much as you’d like, so when we get week off, we like to dig our own bikes out of the shed and go and ride them. (If you’re Mark, then you spend it wrestling plasterboard and roofing tiles for fun)
It's a contour
It’s a contour
Chipps was off last week and mostly spent it rampaging around North Wales on a number of trail centre and natural trails. He had the luxury of some guiding from Dafydd and Sian Roberts from the Old Skool near Coed y Brenin Many of you may remember them running the original café in Coed y Brenin. They’re now doing a mountain bikers-only B&B in Bronaber just north of Coed y Brenin.
Pining for the lonesome trail
Pining for the lonesome trail
As well as doing the locals-only way round the trail centre, Dafydd showed us some of the great ‘beyond the trail centre’ trails around, only dipping into the forest on occasions to take on some long forgotten trails. And talking of CyB, there’s a lot going on there which we’ll fill you in on in a few weeks.
Get your rocks off
Get your rocks off
Chipps is now back at work, looking scuffed, but tanned and ready to write the next issue of the magazine. Right?
How was your weekend? Make the most of the last of the heatwave?
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    New trails at CyB??

    I made my first trip up to the Lakes since about 15 years ago and took in the North Face trail at Grizedale. All was going so well until within sight of the finish I put my frontwheel off the boardwalk and put my knee hard onto the sandpaper covered wood at unpleasantly high speed 🙁

    I still got around the loop though in just under 80 minutes which shows all that hard work over the last couple of months has paid off 🙂

    I miss the mountain trail

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