Monday Morning Debrief 30

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Dry and dusty
Dry and dusty

So after freezing on a chairlift last weekend in the Alps this weekend saw temperatures high enough to get suitably dehydrated on what quickly turned into a ‘ride at every opportunity’ plan.

Friday offered the chance to sneak off early and sample the sweet trails of Halifax and Norland Moor. Tree covered singletrack that clings to the hillsides and then the multiline options of the Moor itself. Sun out, warmth and I swear at one point there was a lovely loam dust hanging in the air between riders; does riding get better then that? I doubt it.

Saturday’s ride turns from the expected couple of ups and downs into a full on sunny slogfest, everyone’s eager to get the most out of the day and a suitably disjointed route is put together that takes in a bit of everything; techy descents, bridleway slogging, grassy wheel sucking climbs and a bit of hike a bike for good measure. If we’d packed sandwiches it would have been perfect, maybe next weekend if the weather holds.

Sunday comes and tired legs are made to spin again. The sun’s still out and we’re not missing an opportunity to ride. A chance to ride the local loop (for local people) and take in the higher moorland tracks that are usually a bog. A simple ride with the chance to sit in the sun listening to skylark, curlew, lapwing and oystercatcher. Note to self: Must reload the beer stash.

How did your weekend go?

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