Fresh Goods Friday 144

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It’s Friday and it’s almost time to stop working for ‘the man’ and head to the hills, man.

But before you throw that monitor out the window, strap your tie round your head, and run off to far horizons. Pause a moment and take in this week’s Fresh Goods

Genesis High Latitude

Black, 1x10,29er = just right

All new for 2013 is the High Latitude, an evolution on Genesis’ Latitude. A 69° head angle, low BB and short chainstays should add up to a lively riding bike that’ll be fun when things get tight and twisty. We’ve got the 1×10 version in for testing which features a Rockshox XC32 TK 100mm air sprung fork up front with a SRAM X5 drivetrain.

Chainstay and chainguide detail

There’s a seat tube mounted Mr Control chain guide to keep the 32 x 11/36 gearing running sweet through the rough stuff and the bike comes equipped with Continental Mountain King II’s.

Headbadge and gussett

Price: £999

From: Genesis

Thomson 6° Titanium Handlebar

Shreddin' the brown pow tea

The very definition of bombproof bars, the Thomson Titanium come in 730mm width and weigh in at a claimed 310g. They claim an ‘unparalleled ride’; we’ll be putting that to the test.

Price: £239.99

From: I-Ride

Birzman Dragonfly Chain Rivet Tool

Shiny shiny

A shiny and sculpturally designed chain tool that’ll cope with 8,9,10 and even 11 speed chains.

Price: £49.99

Birzman Feexman E Version 20

Toolbox in your pocket

Everything you need for trailside repairs in a handy pocket sized package.

Price: £21.99

Birzman Infinite Mini CO2 Pump

Pump or

A mini pump and CO2 inflator

Price: £34.99

Birzman Zacoo Maha MTB Specific Track Pump

Pump it baby!

A high volume, high polished track pump with a nice big gauge and wooden twin handle. what more could you want?

Price: £59.99

All From: I-Ride

ODI Vans Lock On Grips

Mmmmm waffles

Love Vans? Or love waffles?

Now you can imprint that design on your hands.

Price: £23.99

From: Ison Distribution

Bontrager XSE4 Team Issue

They're rubbery

Fresh back from Sedona, Mark’s been winning favours with 29″ of rubbery treats in the guise of these SE4 tyres from Trek. Read about them here.

Price: TBC

From: Trek

T2 Lightweight Trailer

Spinal trailer

A dinky single wheeled trailer for hauling stuff on bikepacking or touring trips. Or turn the weekly shop into a training session.

Price: £324.75

From: CycleMiles

Endura Snype Helmet


Endura continue their march to world domination with the introduction of a new helmet range. First up is the MTB orientated Snype; a 220g, well vented offering that comes with anti bacterial fast wicking padding to prevent any sweaty helmet issues, ahem.

Price: £69.99

Endura Airshell Helmet


The Airshell is the more road orientated peak less stable mate which shares most of the Snype’s features.

Price: £89.99

Endura Helmet Pod

Protect your helmet

Want to keep your helmet shiny when travelling? The Helmet Pod provides all the padding it’ll need.

Price: £15.99

Endura Clickfast Liners

padded goodness

For padding at the other end. There’s Endura’s wicking mesh undershorts which feature click fast poppers to help keep them in place when worn under Endura’s baggies.

Price: Men’s £29.99/ Women’s £17.99

Endura MT500 Spray Baggy Short

Shun spray

Did someone mention baggies? Here’s the MT500 Spray baggy which mates a stretch cordura front panel to a 3 layer seam tape sealed fully waterproof rear to ‘prevent splashback’.

Price: £64.99

Endura Women’s Singletrack II Shorts

They're Singletrack's, for the lady...

The Women’s Singletrack II shorts are constructed from Cordura with stretch panels in the thigh and back yoke and are treated with a water repellent finish. Front pockets feature magnetic closures and are match by rear cargo pockets.

Price: £47.99

 Endura Women’s Pakagilet

Pocketable windproof

The Pakagilet is an ultra light packable  and showerproof top perfect for those summer emergencies.

Price: £34.99

All From: Endura

That’s it for this week, we’re outta here. See you Monday for the Debrief.

Go shred some gnar, yeah?

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Comments (16)

    Those Thomson Ti bars are lovely but phew £240!

    Nice to see Peter Hook finally putting down his bass and picking up some bars!

    Worth mentioning that the Genesis has cheap but decent Shimano brakes rather than the ubiquitous cheap and s*** Avids.

    On the flip side of better brakes, the Genesis has a Truvativ crank with associated troublesome BB. Some you win…


    Men’s £29.99/ Women’s £17.99

    Dunno about you but I don’t warrant an additional £12.00’s worth of material down there………

    I want to like the endura stuff, but with a failed popper on my last pair of shorts and a shrunk baa baa I’m like “meh!”

    T2 trailer appears to be well thought out & foldable but those plastic level props look….fragile! If one decided to kick the bucket on the trail….

    So a helmet protects your head, and the helmet pod protects the helmet.
    What protects the helmet pod?

    Looks to me like that Birzman chain rivet tool might double up as a set of door handles as well.

    I like the look of that Snype and how light is it?!?!?! Looking forward to hearing opinions on it.

    just ordered a genesis fortitude race,with Truvativ crank, whats this about troublesome bb…

    Am i a hardcore spanner monkey by thinking that chain tool is a beautiful thing? I love it!

    Been wearing the Endura Airshell for the past fortnight, very comfy, and the pod is a great freebie at the minute as part of an offer, means more room in the race bag.

    @ patriotpro Just taken delivery of the Snype, its light, has real good airflow and sits nice and low on the head with good side and back coverage…just hope it doesn’t get properly tested at Artur Stiniog next week!

    T2 lightweight single-wheel bicycle trailer

    The T2 bicycle trailer ‘Level Props’ are in fact made from glass fibre reinforced nylon . . . they are pretty strong. However, if you do break one it’s easy to carry the spare which comes with the T2 bicycle trailer. It weighs 38 grams!

    Further spare level pros cost £12.95 and are available from CycleMiles, along with all the other spare for the trailer so you can use it, abuse it and service it.

    A T2 is currently being used by for his off-road JOGLE ride.

    helmet protector – is that to protect the fragile helmet form dangerous knocks whilst being transported ?
    Cant see the point tbh

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