Tuesday Treats 39: Velo Virtuoso

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This week, we introduce Velo Virtuoso

Check out the swanky shoe display!

Velo Virtuoso is a specialist bicycle retailer focussing on the mid to top end in road and mountain bikes, custom builds, upgrades, repairs, bike fitting and accessories.

Sam takes up the story. ”We are situated in Hadleigh, Essex right in the middle of town and importantly, have a rather nice test track about a 90 second pedal to the 2012 Olympic XC course“.

In any direction from the shop it’s only a short ride to various woodlands which have a nice mix of natural singletrack and bridleways – not massive woodlands but enough to put together some nice loops. You better pop in for us to take you out then!

In the shop it’s me, I buy the stock, sell the stock, fix the bikes, build the bikes, run our Twitter and Facebook, write the blog, attend the races and even sweep the floor. When I’m not in then it’s normally my Dad, Joseph (my brother) or Guy (a friend) filling in.

What’s your current best-selling/hottest product?

Currently the most popular products have to be by far anything by Hope Tech or the SDG saddles, as we have the demo program for those and that’s proved really popular but then everything I sell is carefully chosen as if I can’t ride it or use it myself then I can’t sell it to anyone.

That’s why I stock Kona, Massi, Felt as I believe that for the money they are so very competitive. Have you ridden any of them recently? Good spec, good money and they all make you grin!

What kit does every member of staff have on their bike?

SDG Saddles and Crank Brothers pedals.

What about recent custom builds, do tell…

Close up... for post Bank Holiday Tuesday (blurry) eye viewing

That was this absolutely 100% pimped out Labyrinth Agile, Bos suspension, Hope Tech brakes, C-Sixx carbon chain device and Renthal bars, so wide that they apparently don’t fit between all the trees.

Lickable alu, check the fine detail

Tell us something about your shop/staff that no one knows…

I think it’s fair to say that I talk so much, that I don’t think there’s anything left that nobody knows! We’re good company over on Twitter  Facebook  and even Instagram no less. Most of the stuff posted on here is even relevant to the shop!

Is there an event or local riding you think our readers should know more about?

Every Sunday at 9.00am there’s an MTB ride that leaves the shop, suitable for all. You will meet a real mix of abilities and it’s just generally good fun!

Boom! In just over two weeks, on Saturday 25th of May (to celebrate our shop’s one year anniversary), we are having a big demo day organised from John Burrows park, just round the corner with demo bikes from Kona, Pyga, Massi, Felt, Qoroz. We also have Hadleigh MTB Club Get Out There MTB attending with their portable Northshore track.

For the roadies, we have a Raleigh team car attending and a couple of their team pros for a road ride out.

MTB wise I’ll have my three Kona 29er demo bikes, plus five more from Kona (hopefully including an Explosif). Something from Felt, Qoroz (for those that love a bit of Ti) most interestingly Pyga, and hopefully Massi. There’s a good chance we’ll have a bamboo CX bike there too! Something for everyone to get them salivating!

The day will run from 10am to 5pm, with the road ride leaving at 11am, and displays etc. throughout the day..

Special offers only available on the day, for the bargain hunters!

Talking about bargains, what do Singletrack Premier Subscribers get from you guys?

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