Singletrack 82: Sneak peeks and exclusive Premier feature.

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Issue 82 is heading off to the printers this week so here’s the customary taster of what’s going on inside.

We’ve been slaving away getting the next issue ready to go and it’s jam-packed with good reading and pretty pictures (though not actual jam, that would be sticky). To whet your appetite, you can read Chipps’ tale of wet Welsh trail centre radness/madness before the magazine even leaves the building – click here to fill your lunchbreak with green trees, sausages and fleece tartan PJs.

Exclusive Premier Feature.

As we’ve got more stories than pages, here’s a unique web feature for issue 82 which is exclusive to Premier users.

Welcome to the Lake District...

Want to see how Dave and Mark got on when we sent them to the unseasonally grim Lake District in the company of Roger ‘This way!‘ Seal and a brace of Bionicon’s Generation 2 Alva machines? Of course you do. Click here to read the story if you’re already a Premier user.

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Singletrack Issue 82 Contents.

Editorial: Chipps muses on big wheels, little wheels, and the ones in the middle.
UK Riding: The Croissant of Pain. Real men wear tartan pyjamas; Chipps and accomplices ride (almost) all of the Welsh reds in a weekend’s worth of hours… Read it here!

The Croissant of Pain: less pastry, more trails.

Big Column: Steve Worland considers why we look like what we look like. And giant Bourbon biscuits.
Stat of the Art: Trail Tunes.
Column: Fashion Crimes. Old Man Ronson continues his satirical assault on your style choices.
Column: Airport Conventions. Flying somewhere with your bike this summer? You might not want to read this yet.
International Travel: Gelatotastic. Dave and Sim rock out on Italy’s stunning Lake Garda.

Dave is currently in rehab for his gelato addiction. Treatment: two weeks of British Summer. That

The Big Feature: Licensing the Alps. Dom Perry takes an in-depth look at the French guiding fiasco.
We Work Here: Fox Racing Shocks. A look at the people designing your future shockers.

What suspension will look like in 2023. Maybe.

Classic Ride: Lickey Hills, AKA: the North Worcestershire Alps. Benji goes back to the Black Country.
Grinder. Another skip-full of shiny components dragged over rocks and roots.
Grouptest: All Round Rubber. One tyre to rule them all? Heaven forbid.
Bike Test: Bikes for Mountains. Like what it says on the tin.
We Just Work Here. Bye-bye Sim, hello James.

Will Lake takes on a trio of versatile hitters from Banshee, Orange and Trek.

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  1. Not read the last issue yet and the bike has hardly been out since xmas! I guess Scotland isn’t the MTB capital of the world people make out. I spend my team riding on road these days.

  2. Is green the new white?
    And giant bourbon biscuits???? I’m in!!

  3. Some good looking articles in there. Will it arrive in time for my trip to Spain on Tuesday? *crosses fingers*

  4. It’s due to land on doorsteps on June 6th, assuming the Bank Holiday doesn’t tweak things too much.

  5. Nice to see someone is getting to ride a new Banshee, i’m still waiting for mine 🙁

  6. The Croissant of Pain photo is a corker, would make a good desktop.

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