FGF Extra! – Chris Akrigg Five

by Dave Anderson 20

It’s too good to wait for Wednesday!

Here’s Chris Akrigg’s latest and maybe best film to date – Five

Keighley has never looked so good, hey Chris ;o)

If that doesn’t get you set to ride this weekend, nothing will…

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  1. Forget adjustable geometry, I want a bike and kit that changes to the trail.
    Awesome vid 🙂

  2. Love it. Amazing riding.

  3. Wow – spectacular…

  4. Akrigg is a freak! Is this really the guy who fell off a cliff, totally smashed himself and nearly died not much more than a year ago? What a legend!!

  5. See…it doesn’t matter what bike you ride, never mind what wheel size (if you’re Chris Akrigg)! Great rider, great film.

  6. How the fudge does he get up that stone wall in the first quarter of the film? Bonkers.

  7. He’s just taking the mickey now, too good!

  8. He’s just the best by miles.

  9. Ridiculous. The section from around 4.50 just left me spellbound.

  10. Stunning. UK’s best all round rider?

  11. +1 he’s gotta be the UK’s best all round rider.

    Great video.

  12. When ever anyone questions why you need 5 bikes, show them this video 🙂

    n+1 proof….

  13. ‘Get you set to ride this weekend’, it just made me want to give up completely, I thought I was ok on a bike til I saw that, I might as well take up crochet!!!

  14. Chris Akrigg could ride a shopping trolley better than most people on their £5k carbon wonder bikes!

  15. I love this guys riding. Brilliant! UK’s best or world’s best all round rider? Sooo stylish, and how the hell did he ride UP that mountain? I agree with augustuswindsock though! Makes me feel past it, like a granddad… wait a min, I AM a granddad.

  16. Wonder if the wife will let me try a staircase endo on our shagpile… ahem

  17. Absolutely superb. *applauds* *stands* *carries on applauding*

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