Missed Bespoked Bristol? Here’s the report

by Dave Anderson 13

Bespoked Bristol is the UK’s showcase for independent bike designers and builders. Dave went for a quick preview before the masses descended.

Hardtail 29ers were out in force in the mountain bike offerings, with just one full suspension bike in the new builders section that we noticed.

If you weren’t there here’s what you missed…

Last minute rush before the hipsters arrive

Hobo Bicycles

Golden singlespeed
Like back to the future

From: Hobo Bicycles

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Comments (13)

  1. Some incredible stuff there. Thanks for the photos!

  2. Mmmmmm 18 Bikes Pinion

  3. I like that DMO singlespeed.
    A lot …

  4. Really sorry to have missed it!

  5. I missed the show so thanks for showing these.

  6. That was dmo’s first bike, the kids done good, way to go Olly!

  7. Even though I had my own bike at the show, that Titchmarsh Cargo bike was probably my favourite bike there. Stunning bit of engineering to pull off the front wheel set up and the rest of the bike was really impressive too. Other favourite was the Era Bikes Barry Sheene tribute.

  8. Some tasty looking bikes there…and some pigs.

  9. The Titchmarsh was definitely the most impressive bike at the show by a long way.

  10. ignoring the colour, the Saffron is a lovely bike. love the mix of carbon and steel.

  11. That Oyster looks like my old Maverick ML7!
    Some real nice stuff there though – especially the dmo, saffron and the demon 1s

  12. Like the Demon- very ‘Metropolis’ art deco.

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