Midweek Mini Movies 143

by Dave Anderson 4

It’s a short work week and we’re loving it, you can see the weekend (and our house) from here.

Time to open your eyes and visualise ; it’s Midweek Mini Movies!

In this serving we’ve got all the seasons, everything from springtime trail scouting with Trans Provence to Yeti in the Colorado fall.


Itinerary scouting for the Mavic® Trans-Provence Enduro race starts every Spring as soon as the trails are clear of snow. Enduro racing through a wilderness environment is arguably the purest form of mountain biking discovery. Here is how we the organisers go about providing the geographical part of that experience.

Peak Season – Fall in Colorado

Like every other season, fall is pretty magical in the Colorado high country. By the end of summer, cool winds are already moving over the mountains and the peaks are getting dusted with snow. The aspens shed their leaves, covering the trails in red and gold, and morning frosts dampen the dry summer dirt. Add it all together, and it means several weeks of absolutely prime singletrack—sticky, colorful, and emptied of the summertime foot traffic. It was in search of those conditions that we headed into the mountains with our SB66s and a checklist of our favorite trails.
Presented by: yeticycles.com

Pretty Sweet 2

”A beautiful little film about taking your bike and heading into the mountains” by David Martin.

Sunrise to Sunset #2 – Steel in Motion

Our Second installment of the Caravan Collective; Collective Spring 1st edition. A springtime exploration of a lifestyle and dedication to craft we embrace as CC living. Checkout this take on the transfer of motion from dance to the bike build. Ari is so uniquely gifted we just had to feature him in this segment we call Steel in Motion.

Trail Building in Jamaica with Alpine Bike Parks

Red dust alert! Alpine Bike Parks of Whistler, BC was hired by AFD Petroleum to develop a gravity trail network in Black River, Jamaica. Geoff Gulevich, Jamie Goldman, Jacob Hyde, and crew went down to build and ride the trails as well as explore other cool stuff in rural western Jamaica.

Damage Control ep.2: Back on Trails

Miko?aj Lepucki getting his first rides on a bike after collarbone break.


Ellsworth Bike Co. Part One

Two Part Video collection of a couple days shooting team rider Andre Pepin.

Charge TV: Week 4: Hill Chasers – Edinburgh

Red Bull Hill Chasers is a night time uphill eliminator race for all bike disciplines, BMX, Mountain Bike, Road Cycling and Fixed Gear. Taking place in Edinburgh’s iconic Grassmarket up Victoria Street, qualifiers are open to 500 cyclists. The fastest 30 riders will be selected for the main event where they will go up against 10 of the UK’s most elite cycling legends in a bid to be crowned Red Bull Hill Chasers 2013 ‘King of the Hill’
Now in its third year, having previously been held in Bristol and Malaysia, renowned riders Michal Prokop, Scots cycling legend Danny MacAskill, fixed gear cycling pro Toms Alsbergs from Latvia and 2012 Red Bull Hill Chasers winner Ben Simmons all took part.


In case you missed it on Monday…
Two decades of evolution. Three minutes of video. Four of the World’s Greatest riders.
BRONSON. An entirely new frame, new wheel size and new perspective on what a 6” travel, 27.5″ wheel, bike can conquer.
Locked up for months of secret testing, Bronson breaks straight onto the scene as the Syndicate’s race bike for their Enduro World Series campaign.
From Tazmon to Bronson… Santa Cruz defines each new era. Welcome to our Group B. If you’re a spectator on track, please take a step back.

In Depth With Shanaze

This video was filmed in Saint-Etienne last December during the “Trophée des Nations” where Shanaze completed her first competition since the Olympics.
In this exclusive interview she talks in depth about her relation with the sport of BMX.
Shanaze joined the Bluegrass Factory Team three years ago and she is actively taking part in the development of the Bluegrass range of helmets and protective gears.

Spring Snow

We got out riding in the snow. Martin didn’t just bring his bike. All shot on 2 GoPros. A Composite production.

Snow ride Saturday

Saturday in da snow!
Unplanned ride and so wasn’t the filming,but turned out ok


A great 4 days with Pure Mountains on a tricky trails week March 2013. By Cat West.

Skibike Backflip

First ever backflip attempt on the skibike for me. Seriously, I’m no big freestyle rider, so it’s nice to land a trick once in a while. By Raymond Georgsson


Bike wheel light installation made of second-hand parts.
Jay Kim 2012.

Dog on a bike

The evolution of trail dogs captured by Josie Rogers

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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  1. Pretty sweet is cracking, as good as the First one. I’d far rather watch guys like this ride, than the superhuckers, anytime.

  2. Really enjoyed the pretty sweet film, anybody know where the riding is from about 3 – 6 minutes in?

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