Islabikes Launches in America

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Islabikes, the children’s bicycle specialists, is to launch in North America on Monday. Islabikes has led a quiet revolution in the UK to change the perception (and reality) that kids’ and smaller peoples’ bikes are heavy and not really for ‘real’ cycling. The company produces a range of bikes from balance-style machines up to cyclocross races bikes for Youth riders.

Now they’re going to take that model to the USA.

Here’s what they told us:

Islabikes was founded by renowned British bicycle designer Isla Rowntree, one of the few female designers in the industry. Isla’s reputation is built on a thorough understanding of ergonomics. With a meticulous attention to detail she is reshaping how children experience cycling. Parents across the UK are embracing this concept and word has spread quickly as families endorse the ‘Islabike’ effect. Islabikes as a company has now established an enviable brand loyalty and is held in high regard within the bicycle industry.

“I’m really excited that more children will have the thrill of riding our super lightweight well-fitting bicycles. I hope this positive experience will lead some of them to a lifelong love of cycling” said Isla Rowntree.

Teeny stems for correct sizing of teeny bikes
Teeny! But not necessarily heavy.

Full suspension and discs, only in a small package.

Full details of the Islabikes range can be found on its website. Experienced staff are ready to give accurate fitting advice by phone. Orders are professionally assembled and dispatched directly to the customer anywhere in the UK, Europe and now across 48 states in North America.

UK and European enquires

US enquiries

The Islabikes crew on a recent 'Tweed' ride.

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  1. How many american children buy singletrack? Now where’s fresh goods Friday?

  2. “Full suspension and discs, only in a small package.”

    Ok, I give up – where’s the rear shock then?

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