Fresh Goods Friday 136

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Hey, hey it’s the weekend (nearly), so before you clip in and slay some trails here’s the Fresh Goods…

Decade Virsa 2


Just in is this dinky little Decade Virsa 2, a classic and versatile hardtail. Up to date design means a 44mm headtube in the Tange Prestige double butted Cro Mo front triangle capable of taking taper steerer forks with 100mm – 130mm. The bike is designed for all day or endurance type riding.

Price: £1229.97

From: Upgrade

Magura MT8 brakes

Very black, very light.

More carbon than metal, thanks to Magura’s Carbotecture, in the MT8 makes for a 280g brake set up.  We’ll be seeing just how powerful and reliable they are in our upcoming brake test.

Price: £299

From: Zyro

Shimano XTR Race brakes

Shiny, shiny

Also in for test are these top end Shimano XTR Race brakes. Does shiny equate to good performance? Let’s find out…

Price: £194.99 for the brake. (Rotors are £49.99 and IS adaptors are £9.99)

From: Madison

Hope XX1/XD 11sp Cassette

Pure hope gold

Want to upgrade your hoops to the new SRAM sensation? Now you can…

Price: £63.00

From: Hope

The Ancient Pinewoods of Scotland

Got wood?

Are you pining for more tree knowledge? Can’t see the wood for the trees? Or want to know where the good woods are?

Price: £24.99

From: All good bookshops.

Mt Zoom Dual sided/side pull cage

for lefties, and righties too

For choice in your bottle placement and removal, here’s a very light bit of carbon.

Price: £29.99

From: Mt Zoom

Rab Spark

He's like a model

Price: £130

Rab Microlight

Insulation for the lady

Price: £160

Rab Shadow Hoodie

Like a snorkel

Price: £130

Rab VR Lite Vest

Sim does explorer stance

Price: £75

All from: Rab

RaceFace Charge Arm armour

Minimalist padding. We like!

Price: £21.95

RaceFace Charge Leg armour

Kneewarmer meets kneepad

Price: £31.95

RaceFace Ambush Knee Armour

D30 padding to absorb those big hits

Price: £69.95

RaceFace Women’s Khyber Knee armour

Fashion sense model's own

Price: £54.95

RaceFace Podium Glove

Invisible man hard at work

Price: 26.95

RaceFace Ambush short

Ambushed in style

Price: £76.95

RaceFace Ambush Jersey

3/4 arm length

Price: £46.95

RaceFace Indy short

Indy ride short

Price: £54.95

RaceFace Canuck jersey

Canuck eh

Price: £46.95

RaceFace Piper women’s jersey


Price: £46.95

All from: Silverfish

That’s all folks! Saddle up. clip in and let’s all have a good one out there m’kay? See you Monday for the debrief….

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Comments (23)

    I can tell you straight off the bat that those MT8 brakes are utter utter rubbish. They never worked properly, the service from Magura UK was pretty poor and you can’t really service them yourself. Even when they did ‘work’, they were more of a ‘scrub off speed’ rather than ‘stop you’ type affair.

    There’s a pair in my garage you can have – they fill me with hate every time I look at them

    The “versatile” headtube is also fugly

    That RaceFace Charge Kneearmour looks exactly what I need! Not ridiculously expensive either!

    Well, if you’re serious Flange…

    Mt Doom stuff looks nice but I can´t help feeling sorry for you guys having to wear in in April. Is the UK doomed to mud 11 months of the year?

    …..wear “the Rab gear” in April…..,

    internet ate my words

    Sunnrider, Last year was 11 months of mud, but our generally sunny outlook is that “we are owed good weather after last year being so bad, it will start in a fortnight i assure you”.
    If you are interested, the jet stream in the wrong place resulting in the wind prevailing from the north east (Norway/Russia), giving us the worst weather in 60 years.

    I’ve got the XTR Race brakes, pretty impressive for the weight, but they do over heat if you long descents, cooked mine nicely in the Dolomites last year…….

    Ambush shorts looking nice

    as above, flange – email in profile if you want shot. I love Magura brakes.

    back to the fresh goods: I do find the ‘Lycra over jeans with no explanation’ photo a tad odd.

    Does Singletrack have some kind of deal with Rab, seems to be a lot of there kit on the site / in the mag.
    No bad thing, as it’s good stuff, just intrigued as it’s the only ‘non-bike’ brand you feature…?

    how long are those Ambush shorts? I like the colour and style, but they look like come down to mid shin which is too long for me.

    RaceFace Charge Arm armour? Yes please! my Troy Lee elbows don’t stay in place too well. very happy to try another type.

    Race Face Charge: I have been waiting for knee guards like that ALL MY LIFE. Well, since last time I fell off, anyway…

    What is the charge stuff, is it actualy armoured? Or just a neoprene sleeve?

    ooh like the Rab beanie

    Remember when Fresh Goods Friday used to tell you a little bit about the stuff in the pictures? That was nice, wasn’t it?

    *Grumble, mumble, moan*

    The RF Charge stuff has a slim layer of gel. It’s a bit like a padded glove for your elbows. The knees also have more scuff resistance to them. We’ll get some more descriptions in soon Buck, sorry for the brevity.

    Yeah Chipps, the content in this useful feature provided to me at no extra cost by a team of people with a lot of better things to be getting on with really wasn’t up to scratch…

    Ignore me, I was being an entitled wally. Totes apols.

    what size seatpost does the new virsa take? my green virsa was stolen 3 weeks ago. want a replacement

    ditto on the RF Charge stuff, might make it my first regular body armour.

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