Zyro’s Fresh Goods Part One

by Dave Anderson 14

It’s been a quiet week for the postie here at ST Towers, we’ve hardly had any distraction from deadline.

So here’s a look at the fresh kit at Zyro’s Open House event.


Zefal Z-hoze pen gauge, inline pressure gauge to add to your pump for presta or schraeder


Profil travel pump, packs small but pumps to 180psi in no time. The perfect car/van pump?


Profil travel pump in small guise


Z-twin head connects to either Schraeder or presta


The Husky, lovely wooden handled workshop track pump


Like a limo for kids, it's the new Hamax Caress. Almost worth having kids for


Completely adjustable one handed, it's a well designed bit of kit


Abus Bordo. Packable but secure locks, perfect for commuters


Bordo 6000 Ecolution, environmentally friendly lock for sandal wearers


215 Multicombiloop lock. Able to thread through and secure everything.


Ugrip Plus 501, lock for the hip kidz


Abus Hill Bill, hill billy beard model's own


S-Force Peak, Whistler inspired for trail seekers


Cyclenaut Signature helmet, for all your '20's inspired tweed needs


Metronaut, for, erm, the more urban
Kranium Ecolution showing innovative shock absorbing dual layer wood-cellulose fibre honeycomb


Duro interchangeable, comes with three lenses: Smoke, All Conditions Red, Clear


Fototec and Photochromic lenses available


Dolomite. Again interchangeable with three lenses.


One for every day


Cateye bike computer range


Strada wireless range, what do you want to measure?
Stealth series: easy set up for GPS logging
Stealth series GPS enabled; can sync your ride data with Cateye Atlas


Micro for minimalist measurements


Micro: low profile


Micro: like a small wireless sweet


Part two next week will feature Altura, Magura, Panaracer, Bryton, and Torq

Hang on, what’s that horse called?

Neigh lad


Comments (14)

  1. Ooo, a Profil travel pump will be perfect..

    No more looking like your cracking one off while trying to inflate a Surly Nate to a whopping 11psi..


  2. Was the show in a retirement home?!

  3. the tartan helmet is an abomination.
    the greeny yellow glasses however are lovely.

  4. terrahawk,gotta agree with you there

  5. who put that bloke in the background form another well known website…

  6. Metronaut: what the smeg? Really, someone in Abus’ humourless teutonic board room said “yes that’s the one”. I see.

  7. Tweed,on a met kaos would be the dogs…

  8. Horse,s name….findus

  9. How did they get that kiddies seat to mount on the seat tube of a soul? I’ve got the older version and clashes with the front mech cable.

  10. How much for the curtains?

  11. I approve of that tweed helmet, it’d go splendidly with my fighting trousers.

  12. Helmets designed by helmets

  13. Abus obviously aren’t being put off by the Knog lawsuit…

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