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Here’s a jumbo look at some of the new stuff being shown at Madison’s iceBike* trade show this week… There’s a lot, so you might as well get comfy.

Park has a new Premium Rescue Tool, with valve core remover, piston retractor and more.


One for the tubeless fans with a compressor - a proper Park inflator head!


Thule's Pack and Pedal range works with front and full suspension.


Thule's clever roll-top pannier has this translucent blinkie pouch.


Don't have tons of room? How about this Thule folding towbar twin bike mount?


Folds out to take two 30kg bikes, complete with lights and number plate.


Madison is now carrying the Chariot range of convertible child joggers/trailers (even ski sledge versions)

Giro Republic is the new shoe from the big G. It’s not racing, it’s not mountain biking, but it’s somewhere in between. With a slight bowling shoe look and a nylon, walkable shoe, it’s probably too cool for touring, but that’s what it’ll be great for. That and gravel racing adventures of course…


The Giro Republic. Great? Or horrible? We're sure you'll tell us.


The Chamber seems a lot more low profile than when we last saw it.


Did the two weeks of spring allow for white shoes yet?


Bottom of the Republic. Replaceable rubbery bits.


Genesis showed the proto of its new Caribou bike.


That's not a snow bike. That's a woods bike. Apparently.


Still proudly Reynolds.


Lots of mud clearance - and that's not a slim tyre.


Here's the production Caribou. The colour is a sort of lemon brulée hue


Complete 1x10 bikes and framesets available.


Gold and cream anyone?




Here's Gamut's new double ring chainguide using just a slider, rather then the clever O-ring of its single ring guide.




SIS showed the 'world's first recovery gel' which, confusingly, you seem to take before exercise.


Many fruity flavours of SIS gel


White Lightning are all about clean things. Here are some green bamboo hand (and bike) wipes.


Clean lube and clean, er, cleaners.


Need to keep your trousers in check? You need a 'Leg Johnny'


And a Bike Johnny for keeping your bike grease off the cat.


Can you guess what the Wheel Johnny does?


K-Edge showed a huge range of machined gizmos, including these GoPro and Garmin mounts.


Designed to stop the chain unshipping and crunching your BB shell...


Genesis also showed these (retro?) colour designs on its Volant frames


A spread of Saracens. We still have a soft spot for the Amplitude.


Saracen's 'Hack' bikes are possibly the best-looking hooligan road bikes ever


Turquoise is IN, reckons Pearl Izumi. We like.


There's 'black and baggy' too if you're a bit shy.


This is a Pearl Izumi running jacket that'll work great for mountain biking.


Madison's own-brand clothing reckons that bright is definitely in for 2013


This TruFlo pump looks great. Small enough to fit in a pack...


...but opens to twice the size, with a foot stirrup and a pop-out pressure gauge too.


Even smaller is this TruFlo pump with a pull-out hose an easy switch presta/schrader adaptor.


M-Parts makes all sorts of handy stuff. Soon its upper and lower headsets will be available to buy separately.


Garmin showed its new Garmin 810 with far more interactivity (like Bluetooth)


The 510 will also promise more two-way stuff.


The new Garmin Fenix watch is like having an Edge 200 on your wrist. Great for multi-sports folks.



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