Fresh Goods Friday 135

by Dave Anderson 6

All Fridays are good Fridays, but here’s our special Fresh Goods Good Friday…

Orange Gyro

It’s appeared in Fresh Goods as a frame only, but Chipps has finally surfaced from his keyboard long enough to finish building it up. The colour is a non-stock ‘Burgandy Flip Flop’ and the build kit can only be described as ‘Mountain Bike Editor Special’ but Chipps has promised not to baby it at all so you should see this out on the hills around the north about… now.

Chipps' finished Orange Gyro long termer
it's a beefy front end


Fast and light wheels and XTR drivetrain

Price: £1499.99 frame only. Custom colours a bit extra.

From: Orange


Chipps displays the double Masai
Sim in green Stealth mode
Humvee long sleeve tops
Humvee short sleeve top for if the sun and warmth come
Hi Vis Pakagilet
Packs up small
MT500 spray trousers

From: Endura

Great British Road Rides

Reading for roadies

Price: £25.00

From: Vertebrate Publishing

Coffee Velo

Beanz means awake, yeah?

Price: From £5.99

From: Coffee Velo

FreeGun Boxers

Sim's on the skid(ie)s

Price: £12.90 – 19.90


Howies T Shirts

Keeping the steel is real dream alive
Reflective logo
Keep taking the pills

Price: £25.00

From: Howies

Muc Off Bike Mat

It’s the answer for those of you who have to (or ‘need’ to) keep your bike indoors. It’s a large, rip-stop mat from Muc Off designed to keep oil and water drips off your carpet (and who thought beige was a good colour for a carpet anyway?). Yes, you can do the same job with a bin bag, but this should last a thousand times longer and it looks more ‘pro’, right?

For keeping the muc off

Price: TBC but in the region of £12-14 or so.

From: Muc Off

Xpedo Detox Pedal

Light and blingy

Quicker Pump


Zixtro Wasp Seat Pack

seat pack

Zixtro Vento pack

Back pack

Prices: TBC

From: NemesisGB

Mule Bar Kicks

all the flavours of the rainbow, with added caffeine

Price: £1.50

From: Mule Bar and now distributed by Madison

That’s it for this week folks, enjoy your extended ride time and we’ll see you on Monday for the Morning Debrief.



Comments (6)

  1. Interested to know what the Endura Stealth jacket is like, got a pairs of the trousers and they have been great this winter – water proof and warm…..

  2. JACKET is the canines gonads.
    had one for this winter its excellent you get what u pay for.

  3. Congratulations, you managed to finish the Gyro at the exact point everyone lost interest in it because of the 29er Five 🙂

  4. Hills not pills hahahaha.

    Is that quicker pump any good? Anyone tried it?
    How much is it?
    I need a new pump- is it sad to be excited by something so bland?

  5. that muc off mat thing usable as a turbo mat?

  6. If it can resist oil and grease, it should keep your sweat off the Axminster. We’ll unroll it and have a try.

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