Midweek Mini Movies 142

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Time for some relief from the grindstone, open your eyes people it’s Midweek Mini Movies!

A bit of snow, a bit of mud and a load of dust and sunshine. Bike Polo, recycled fixies and the EliptiGo.

Grab a brew and get ready to visualise.

Faster Than You

Does this remind you of anyone? Everyone perhaps?

Build It Then Ride It

Bike builder and trials rider (and Todmorden ex-pat) Aran Cook builds it then rides it.

Mountain biking in The Lakes – March 2013

Wee film of of Sanny, Kev and Dean Happell playing in The Lakes in March. Film by Dean.

Austin – Texas

Austin, Texas was the destination for our most recent Flybikes trip. Kevin, Ruben, Stefan, Shane, Devon, Joseph and Kevin Kalkoff all headed to the live music capital of the world for 10 days of hanging with good friends and amazing riding sessions hitting up famous spots as well as some awesome unknown gems. We hope you enjoy this as much as the team did making it. Also, be sure to check out two awesome photo galleries from DIG BMX Magazines own Andrew White
Photo gallery from DIG BMX magazines Andrew White. To view more photos from the trip head over to the Dig site. digbmx.com

We like mud

Snow melts, we can finally ride.
Daniel Depré and Max Chapuis show how they like mud.


MINDMILL ?presents
a short film for a strong passion

Flow Mountain Bike at Alice Springs

Flow Mountain Bike visited Alice Springs recently to get the low down on the trails that’ll be used for Ingkerreke Commercial Mountain Bike stage race in early May.
It’s hard to overstate how amazing this place is. The terrain is like nothing you’ll ride anywhere else in Australia; the landscapes are huge. If you always thought Alice was a flat dust bowl, think again.

PROJEKT ROAM: Chasing Gravity — Episode 5

Bypassing desert landscapes of cactus and cowboys commonly associated with the southwestern states of New Mexico and Arizona, Colt and Jessee head to the fresh, mountainous regions to experience and explore Angel Fire and Sunrise Mountain Resorts.
Bike parks…feet dangling, the gentle swaying of the lift as it carries you upward. There is just something about being sky high, surveying the runs below from a bird’s eye view that gives my heart a little extra flutter. It’s almost as if my senses are heightened with anticipation, just knowing the moment I hop off the lift, it’s time to shred.

2013 Trek Gravity Enduro Ireland Series Preview

Gravity Enduro combines the fitness of cross country with the technical skills of downhill mountain biking in the perfect combination of competition and a great day with your mates. For 2013 we have 5 great events around Ireland, each venue offering it’s own unique challenges and thrills!
Round 1 – 20th/21st April – Carrick Mountain, Wicklow
Round 2 – 18th/19th May – Ballyhoura, Limerick
Round 3 – 15th/16th June – Ticknock, Dublin
Champs – 10th/11th August – Ballinastoe, Wicklow
Round 4 – 7th/8th September – Djouce Woods, Wicklow
Events are limited to 350 places, enter on line now at gravityenduro.ie

We Are Nature- Gone In 16 Seconds

We are the light, We are the wind, We are the mountains, We are the water and dirt on your body, We Are Nature! In this episode we went in different direction, and filmed a DH trail, one easy and smooth, named 16Seconds, first we build, lunch and then ride. Filmed entirely by a GoPro Hero 2 by Bike Safari Tour

Recycled Fixed – 2nd Hand Bikes

Vitor’s passion for working with bikes and recycling had him create a specialized shop for 2nd hand bikes in Amsterdam. On this shop he also refits old bikes into unique fixies.
More about this project: recycledfixed.org/

3rd Annual Pain McShlonkey Classic | Of. Course. I. Can.

Promo for the 3rd Annual Pain McShlonkey Classic at shanemcconkey.org
Directed and Edited: Matt Palmer

ElliptiGO for Fitness Enthusiasts

Burn more calories and have fun exercising outdoors on the ElliptiGO outdoor elliptical bicycle – the world’s first elliptical bike. This video explains why fitness enthusiasts love the ElliptiGO for a comfortable, fun and efficient workout. The ElliptiGO combines the elliptical trainer motion with a bicycle and has become one of the preferred cardio and cross training tools for dozens of professional athletes and thousands of fitness enthusiasts. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to get out of the gym for their workouts. To learn more, visit elliptigo.com.

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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