Tuesday Treats 28: Bikeshak

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It’s that time again. Your once a week (doctor’s approved) dosage of product fancy from Singletrack’s Premier Dealers, stockists and advertisers.

Tuesday Treats gives you a quality serving of independent bike retailing and a chance to win big, in this week’s special prize draw.

This week, we introduce Bikeshak:

(Photo courtesy Jack Makin)

“In 1998 a crack mountain bike unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Altrincham underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as mechanics of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help,and if you can find them (in the corner of a light industrial estate near the train station), then maybe you can be mildly amused by and have a brew with Altrincham’s finest… Bikeshak

Alex ‘Hannibal’ McNicol picks up the story.

What’s your current best-selling/hottest product?

BOR Rims – Not all that well known yet, but we’ve been really impressed with their 29er rims on recent builds. The XMD333 is a tubeless rim that’s a good chunk lighter than a NoTubes Crest and yet also have eyeleted spoke holes for a super strong build. We’ve also done some builds using their XMD309 29er tubular rims – the jury’s still out on mtb tubs, but the wheels are certainly light and they work great for cyclocross disc builds.

Bikeshak... fully stacked


Which product/brand does every staff member have on their bike?

29ers, that’s what! 26in wheels are for kids’ bikes, right? The continued development means that the current crop of 29ers are absolutely ace and the best choice for so many riders. We’ve got big wheeled bikes of our own in constant use for trails, xc racing, commuting and load lugging.

Is there a forthcoming event you think our readers should know about?

To be fair, we’re lacking any properly organised shop rides at the moment, but we waffle on about what we’re up to on Facebook and Twitter quite a lot and we’re always keen to hook up with folks on rides in the Peak, North Wales and the like.

Any recent Custom Builds you care to mention?

We’re rather fond of this rather natty looking Salsa El Mariachi Ti kicking about the place that we built up recently. Not an over the top build but a nice balance of weight and reliability with bits from Hope, a SRAM X9 groupset and Rebas up front. We think it came out rather well.

Tell us something about your shop/staff that no-one knows…

Ag went to school with the Milky Bar kid.

Whack it hard about here...

(Photo courtesy Jack Makin)

What do Singletrack Premier Subscribers get from you guys?

Premier Singletrack members benefit from 10% discount on parts and accessories (excluding sale stock).

Until 15th March 2013 we’ll also be offering an exclusive introductory 15% discount off Vulpine apparel to all Premier Subscribers:

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Tuesday Treats Prize Draw

Riding bikes barefoot is a less than pleasurable experience.  Quite frankly we think that it’s inhuman that in this day and age riders should have to forgo suitable footwear. So, from the Bikeshak digital tombola:

Two winners, will each receive a pair of the very finest in MTB footwear – Specialized S-Works MTB shoes – worth £200.00 a pair!

All prizes are not equal. Two pairs of these!

If you are deserving of a choice pair of new disco slippers drop your name into the digital hat.

How to enter this week’s Tuesday Treats Prize Draw:

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We are pleased to announce the lucky winner/s from our previous Tuesday Treats: 27 Qwerty Cycles prize draw:

Redx: wins, a Cannondale Teramo Helmet, Cannondale Speedster 60 Saddle bag, Cannondale 13 function trail tool, Cannondale tire levers and (a UK exclusive to Qwerty Cycles) Cannondale Trail Wallet.

Congratulations! Hold tight, we’ll be in touch.

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  1. Is that Ag as in used to be at Sideways Cycles Ag? Surely there can’t be many slapheads called Ag can there? Great guy.

  2. This article is a travesty. Where’s Simon Barnes? Needs more beard. Also, buy stuff from them, they’re great.

  3. On average how many entries do you get to the premier competition each week?

  4. jonomc – If you’re asking what the odds of you winning are, lets’s just say it’s an awful lot better than the lottery 😉

    If I was allowed to I’d definitely think it was was worth entering each week.

    We’re on Tuesday Treats 28 now and a quick look back at the prizes show values of between £80 and £400 and often several winners per week.

  5. “26 in wheels are for kid’s” nice childish comment then?

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