Shimano 2013 The New Deore.

by Chipps 15

Deore is Shimano’s good-value workmanlike groupset. For 2013 it gets an overhaul that brings it into line with the other groupsets in Shimano’s mountain line. Despite being ‘budget’, it’s had the same amount of design work on it to make it look pretty darn stunning in our eyes.

With a similar one-finger brake lever to those further up the line, the Deore brake also gets a redesigned caliper that will take Shimano’s finned IceTech brake pads as an upgrade.

Small and neat. Works with i-spec integrated shifters too.
Not supplied, but you can upgrade to finned pads.


Shimano’s cover-all name for it’s ‘more than just ten speeds’ er, ten speed systems, Dynasys will now come across the board with a smaller ringed option for riders on bigger wheels. As well as the regular Dynasys ratios of 42, 32 and 24T, there will now be options of 40, 30 and 22T for riders of bigger wheels (or more ‘trail’ orientated riders who don’t necessarily mash the big gears.) Anyway, back to Deore 2013!

Deore will get cranks in a satin black...
...or snazzy silver. There's a double-ring 'trail' setup as well as triples.

Doubles will come in 40/28T, 38/26T and 38/24T. Triples will be 42/32/24T and 40/30/22T

The new front derailleur will work with your 42 or 40 bigger ring.


Even lower range hubs like the Deore will feature Shimano’s cup and cone bearings for adjustability and longevity.

There'll be a regular Centre Lock rear cassette hub as well as...
...a thru-axle rear.
Front Deore hubs will come in QR and in 15mm thru-axle.

Deore rear derailleurs

In regular and Shadow Plus. Medium and long cage too.

Here's confirmation that Deore gets just as much design work as the rest of the range.
Comes in black too. There's a Shadow Plus clutch version to tame the chain slap too, just like the bigger boys.
Ten speed shifters - and there's an i-spec version that bolts straight to the brake lever too.
Perennial maker of great quick releases, Shimano, is making this for 12mm systems.


It all looks like great gear and should be appearing in shops and on bikes around June time this year.

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  1. appearing in June 2013?
    Isn’t this Deore 2014 then? which would fit with the shimano 4 year ‘rule’?

  2. Any chance of putting up more weights please?

    I know this is not weight weenies, but its always useful to know whether a part like a chainset is actually a lead weight or not.


  3. I’ll give you that James. I’d originally written 2013/2014…

    I don’t have any weights yet. The versions I saw in the real world were either machined prototypes or plastic models, sorry. I’ll seek some out though.

  4. Hmm 30T single ring with a 36t jobby at the back might be perfect for hilly places.

  5. Why would you want a jobby on the back of your bike?

    *raises eyebrows*

  6. I like Deore because it is matches my performance…

  7. From the blurb:

    “Even lower range hubs like the Deore will feature Shimano’s cup and cone bearings for adjustability and longevity.”

    Is this some kind of dig at the “cartridge vs cup’n’cone” debate? Like if they weren’t bothered about adjustability and longevity and adjustability they would have compromised with some skateboard bearings? 😀 (fwiw i love shimano hubs)

  8. Why Shimano’s reticence on short cage mechs?

  9. Because there’s usually not enough chain capacity to run a short cage mech on a double or triple mountain bike. Yes, you can get away with it if you either only run 1×10, a road block or you’re very careful not to go big-big, but Shimano doesn’t do a 1×10 option with Deore and it won’t spec something that you might break in regular use. Saint comes in 1×10 as standard and has a short cage.

  10. Zee is short cage as well and similarly priced if short cage mechs float your boat. I’ve got one and it’s great

  11. I’ve got the new Deore brakes. Impressive for the money.

    Piss all over the expensive Hope’s they replaced.

  12. the new cranks look great and should be fantastic VFM way to get a proper double setup.

  13. Just fitted a set of the M596 brakes to my singlespeed – absolutely fantastic.

  14. Cheers Chipps for the reply. On the point of weight, I have noticed while going through back issues of the mag that weights are rarely mentioned in grinder. I know function should trump weight, but the weight is important both for weight weenies and jump bikers – although material influences strength, so does bulk. So more weights please! (it would only take up about 6 or 7 characters too)

  15. Not sure why everyone gets so hung up on weight, if the mountain bike industry is anything like the motorbike industry weights quoting by manufacturers / suppliers should at best be taken with a huge pinch (shovel) of salt and at worst ignored as pure fiction.

    The only way to be sure is for someone like Singletrack to weigh all parts with the same set of scales.

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