The Bike Place: Pyga bikes and ICE Dropper Post

by Chipps 5

Distributor R53 was showing a few of its wares at The Bike Place. Among them was the ICE dropper post. It stands, worryingly for ‘In Case of Emergencies’ but looks well made enough that you’ll probably use it rather more than that.

Up front is a Maverick Speedball type multi-directional lever which loops back to the seatpost. The post itself uses a low-down cable entry with three positions operated by a ‘pin in a hole’ operating system that’s been good enough for Gravity Dropper all these years… There’s a concertina boot to keep out the crap and a coil spring to bring it all back to full height again. Drops are 45mm, 90mm (as well as fully up) and the post comes in the popular 27.2mm size, with shims available for 30.9 and 31.6.

Price will be a reasonable £125 or so.

Move the lever in any direction to trigger the post mechanism.


Simple things some times are the best.
Cable entry fitting removes easily.

R53 was also excited to be importing Pyga bikes. These are designed by Patrick Morewood, ex of – yes Morewood bikes (more on them later in the week) and Mark Hopkins, founder of Leatt braces. They are making a range of full suspension and hardtails, but with not a 26in wheel to be seen. Only 650B and 29er.

It’ll initially offer a 11omm 29er and a 120mm 650B, along with a ‘Zero’ 650B hardtail.




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  1. That dropper looks very familiar!

  2. More on Morewood later in the week??!! That’ll be tomorrow then. Hopefully some news and pics of their 650B Zula…please

  3. It looks nice, and if it’s made by Patrick Morewood it’ll no doubt be a beauty to ride, but couldn’t they have come up with a better name than Pyga? Sounds like a shonky car from Soviet-era Russia…

  4. Got one of the ICE seat posts. Works really well, but you need to keep it well greased. Simple to strip, so that’s not a problem.

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