The Bike Place 2013

by Chipps 10

It’s suddenly time for shows again. There are two trade shows going on at the moment: the Bike Place and Core Bike. We’ve been snooping around both and there’s plenty to see.

First, we popped into the Bike Place to see what was new there:

Santa Cruz has recently launched its new Blur TR, aluminium trail bike but there were a few other things to see, including a new Chameleon frame and Mr Peat.

A bearded Mr Peat in the background, showing off this rather 'factory' looking Santa Cruz V10
Everything's gone stealthy black with yellow on Santa Cruz' carbon bikes.


Hefty tyre clearance on the Highball carbon.




Rims, tyres, whatever, it's all on show



Want to save every gram possible? How about a titanium chain? A mere 210g.


Middle wheelers are already going to be well served by Schwalbe, which has Hans Dampf, Nobby Nics and more in 27.5in.


VP showed a variable headset you can adjust on the trail.
We have a Gloworm light on test at the moment and have been impressed so far. Here's its double unit.
Liteville was on show on the Evolution imports booth


As where these new Syntace wheels. Low profile and coming in 25, 30, 35 and 40mm widths!



We think that's meant to say '40mm'


Very, very light flatties.
Attention to detail on the Liteville - change your headset angle at the shock mount.
Stealth Reverb mounting

Adjustable headset cups for more angle changing


The gear cable travels through the seat tube and through the swingarm for the straightest line possible.
There's more, but first we have more gadgets to see.

Stay tuned for more stories this week from both shows. There’s plenty…

Comments (10)

  1. Any idea of the Syntace wheel prices?

  2. £367 front and £536 rear. Weights range from 1295g for 25mm wheels to a still-light 1840g for the 40mm pair.

  3. Those pedals are over £200…

  4. …and the Ti chain, just out of iterest….

  5. that Liteville is lovely.

  6. The finish and attention to detail on the Liteville really puts some other manufacturers bikes in the same price bracket to shame, really fancy a 601 😀

  7. Not with that shock though 😉

  8. Carbon Highball is yum

  9. “VP showed a variable headset you can adjust on the trail”
    Head angle?

    “Syntace wheels. Low profile and coming in 25, 30, 35 and 40mm widths!”
    internal or external?

  10. Hey LoCo.

    What are you thoughts on the vivid air?

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