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At Eurobike last year we brought you this story about Orange’s new prototype 29er: Well, now that bike is in production (and completely sold to dealers already…)

It now has a name. Orange’s venerable Five moniker has been given to this 140mm 29er and it’ll be known as the Five29.

What do you reckon then?

Riders we’ve spoken to who’ve had a play on the new Five29 love the flat-out speed of it. It should ride more like a 160mm 26er if you want to get an idea of what to expect. There are many tweaks on this bike that will probably eventually make it through to other models, like the 142mm back end, new, lighter shock mounts – that then allow a lighter down tube. There’s an untapered beer can head tube for maximum fork choice (and Angleset messing if you want).

Back end gains 142mm setup. Yay!


Either/or. You can run cables 'traditional' or on top.


Rather controversially for Orange fans, there’s the option to run gear cable and brake hose traditionally through the swing arm or on top of the swing arm for ease of installation. This is like the 322 already does, though it seems more of a sacrilege doing it on a Five.

Black Gold will be the first (and only) colour for the moment.

These bikes are being made now and should appear in shops very shortly. Start getting in line. The complete bike you see here will be £3,000.

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Comments (19)

    Just the one colour choice is a shame in my opinion.

    Looks great, only downer is the avid brakes for me.

    Good grief

    Customer: “I want a Five but I’m interested in 29ers”
    Shop: “You want the Gyro”
    Customer: “But that’s not got 5″ travel”
    Shop: “No, but because of the bigger wheels it feels like 5”
    Customer: “So what’s the point of the Five 29?”
    Shop: “Er, erm…”

    Different wheel sizes is making a dog’s dinner of the industry in my opinion.

    Eh? Was the Gyro a limited edition bike then? Can’t see the point of that and this new one otherwise.

    The Gyro is 120mm I think, certainly not 140mm

    the big issue for next model is that FIVE 27.5 wont fit on the swingarm…even on THAT slab of a swingarm..

    The Gyro was never a Five-with-big-wheels. COmmon misconception.

    The Gyro (110mm btw) is more of an overt (excellent) XC bike.

    This new Five 29er appears to be much more gravity/hoon based.

    “COmmon misconception”

    Seems to be a lot of misconception regarding wheel sizes still. Seems to me that there still isn’t a Five with big wheels. Presumably the equivalent ride to a Five with big wheels would be more like 130mm of travel. I like Orange bikes but they’ve really muddied the waters with their 29ers.

    Who should buy an Alpine and who should buy a Five 29er?

    stilltortoise- people who like Alpines more than Five 29ers should buy Alpines 😉 And vice versa.

    Really interested to try one of these things, seems less gawky than the Gyro and Orange are better at things for smashing off rocks than they are at things for pedalling fast I reckon. And this looks like a rock-smasher.

    More options= good, xc, or more gravity based, what’s not to like- well done Orange 🙂

    My Nicolai 29er Helius AC runs 120mm of travel, but I’m 140mm curious as long as I suffer no weight increase.
    The tall boy LTC has forced manufacturers toward 140mm on 29″ but my 120mm has been faultless on UK trails over the last 12 months…..but it doesn’t stop me wanting a shot of the new Helius AC 140mm 29er……!

    Somantic. Pedantic. Divisive…

    It’s a fabulous Orange Five with big wheels. It’s got same travel as five, with all the benefits of a 29er thrown in.

    It’s not that hard to workout

    @Simonm, 27.five.

    You heard it here first….

    As much as I don’t want to like it, and as expensive as it is, it will sell by the truck load, and I quite want one.

    “Who should buy an Alpine and who should buy a Five 29er?”
    Who Cares?
    “It’s a fabulous Orange Five with big wheels. It’s got same travel as five, with all the benefits of a 29er thrown in.”
    And all the downsides of a single pivot shock reliant design with massive wheels. (for balance)
    And it hit every branch on the way down the ugly tree.

    Any reason why you’ve not got a pic of the full bike? Can you get one up please?

    In the market for a full suss 29er this year and always fancied a Five, but for the same money the carbon Stumpjumper is going to be half the weight, in’t it?

    I’ll take a guess that the single-pivot design will allow Orange to make small frame sizes that work. So, if you are 5’6″ and really want a 140mm 29’er, this might be your bike.

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