Rab’s World: It’s winter training Jim, but not as we know it…

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Our tame racer, Rab Wardell, shows us how he gets the winter miles in north of the border. (A clue – he doesn’t.)

Winter Training: Does it have to be boring?

As a cross-country racer, winter is an important time for me. First of all there is a little down time to recover from the previous year before building up for the following season. Traditionally for a cross-country racer, and more and more commonly for a downhill or enduro racer, this means long and steady riding: base miles, often undertaken on road bikes. Boring, cold and often miserable.

You too could spend your weekends face down in a bog in the pursuit of fitness. No? Okay then... Picture thanks to Joolze Dymond.


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Part Two, in which Rab dons every layer he owns and ventures outside, follows later this week…

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