Monday Morning Debrief No.10

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Not a lot of snow up here compared to some areas but on the plus side there’s just enough to make riding interesting, drifting for added challenge and it’s been cold enough to finally freeze the permabog conditions we’ve been experiencing. So all the more reason to ride; that and the kit that needs to get tested.

Local riding seemed to make sense, so it was out of the door and onto the moor.

Gurn your turns

It’s usually a bit of a slog when the snow comes,  so I was surprised by just how fast the trails were. The 2.4 Maxxis Ardent up front never skipped a beat at keeping me going exactly where I wanted, it was a bonus that there wasn’t any ice lying under the snow so you could really keep the speed up without the fear of a sudden front tyre washout.

Pow, wow.

That ‘just enough’ level of snow meant the singletrack was still visible and easy to follow compared to previous years where you’re riding more on trail memory and guesswork. A quick couple of loops of the first section was called for to make the most of the conditions.

Hup hup hup

Only -2 on the tops but with a fierce windchill, not the day to be hanging around . The repeated cycle of set GoPro, run back to bike, ride bike, ride back to GoPro, ride to next film spot helped keep me warm but it was good to know I was prepared for a mechanical should the worse happen. Thankfully the ride was free of mechanicals and the 1×10 worked without a single dropped chain.

Highball to eyeball

It was another ride out on the Santa Cruz Highball so I could more ride time on the Mavic Crossmax ST 29 wheels before writing the review on them. I’ve been very impressed so far on how they have transformed the ride of the Highball much stiffer than the wheels they replaced. Likewise the 1×10 has carried on working fine without the need for a chain device despite throwing the bike down every rocky descent I can find.


Here’s a shot of the clearance the Highball frame offers with a 2.4 (Continental) tyre in the back for everyone who has been asking. Plenty of space on offer.

The other main bit of test kit on this ride was the Endura MTR bib shorts and baggies combo I’m trying to get enough saddle time into. So far so good.

Endura MTR

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