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Roll up! Roll up! It’s Wednesday. It’s midweek. It’s time for… Midweek Mini Movies!

We’ve got sunny trails and soggy bottoms, dirt jumps and ‘cross riders, Iceland, dirty skating and a bit of dubstep Christmas. Chillax, chow down and hit the play button…

Kye Forte: This Is United.

There aren’t many people who could pull off opening a section in a video like this at a race track, but Kye Forte does with about one of the fastest and smoothest 360s you have seen. You can’t buy style, so just watch it.

Jon Television: De Massilia A Andorra.

Jon Bokrantz and friends spent 17 days in southern France and Andorra searching for places that offer great mountain biking in spectacular terrain. Meeting old friends, making new ones, drinking wine, eating cheese and savouring the history and culture of Provence. Their trip was all about enjoying the good life.

Tom Van Steenbergen: Rise.

Dirt jumps and an airborne rider. What more do you need?

RT1st: Just What The Doctor Ordered.

Sometimes the internet churns out exactly what the less rad among us need to see.

“After another month working away from home, this is exactly what the doctor ordered (if he had ordered anything), a few hours with just the hills and the bike for company. A chance to reflect, ride and enjoy what I am lucky to have on my doorstep. Filmed on our local trails north of Barcelona in late November 2012 around the natural park of l’Obac. It is not fast, extreme or dangerous riding, just a middle aged bloke trying to find his flow after such a long time out of the saddle.”

Amen to that…

Giovanni Scala: Eggs.

A funny, no budget, short film about mountain bikes and everyday life, shot in Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG), Sicily, Italy. Not one for in the office with the sound up, though.

Soggy Bottom Winter MTB XC Race, round one.

Edit from both morning and afternoon races at round one of the recent, Soggy Bottom Winter Mountain Bike Cross Country event, held at Newnham Park, Plymouth. This event is now in its tenth year and will see two more rounds in January and March 2013. Newnham Park is a legendary venue and has seen British Mountain Bike events in the past as well as being a former World Cup venue.


Dig In At The Dock 2013: The Promo.

Probably the best ‘cross video ever.

Whitenosugar Productions: Racing It All.

WInter is creeping up on us [actually, we thought it was already here… – Ed.], but Whitenosugar had a spare day to go and shoot Emma Osenton (Kinesisbikes.co.uk & morvelo.co.uk) and Ali Mills (planet-x-bikes.co.uk) as they both start a season of cyclocross for the first time.

Volcom Stone-Age Presents: Day in the Dirt

“Garric kept talking about a park with massive dirt jumps nestled in the woods of Portland, Oregon that bikers had built years ago. Over time the dirt had packed to nearly rideable terrain. He was insisting we give it a look and Gravette chimed in backing the idea, so
once we made it to ole PDX we went and checked it out.”

Iceland: A Skier’s Journey.

In Iceland’s rough and remote Westfjords region, Chad Sayers, Forrest Coots, and Chad Manley step back in time to revisit a way of life that lasted 1,000 years. With the guidance of local friends Siggi Jonsson and Runar Karlsson, they traverse the storied landscape via sailboat, kayak, and ski, exploring what it would have been like to survive there for so many generations. Each ski run begins and ends with seaweed underfoot, while waterfalls, lichen-clad couloirs, and stories of humans past make up the in-between.


Awesome Skrillex Dubstep Dancing Christmas Lights House!

And lastly we’ve got the inspiration for Mark’s Christmas lights, the only way to celebrate the shopping extravaganza that is the baby Jesus’ birthday.

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep it dense, yeah?

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    Kye Forte is the shizzle

    Whitenosugar and the Italian one.

    (Various young lads on dirt jumps starts to look very samey to me. Yawn).

    Loved the eggs video,made me chuckle 🙂

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