Singletrack Get Uplifted

by Dave Anderson 4

Ex-Singletrack web boy Jon attempts to persuade viewers that just because you don’t see yourself as a downhiller, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a go at an uplift day.

He heads to Revolution Bike Park in Llangynog, North Wales and with the help of Lapierre’s entry-level downhill bike, the Froggy 318, offers some top tips on what you’ll need – besides an open mind…

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Comments (4)

  1. Just as a FYI, full face not mandatory at any of the Scottish uplifts as far as I know- certainly not at Inners, Glencoe, or Fort William. Not a bad idea, but not a requirement.

  2. He certainly improved at the end of that video!

  3. I spent far too long riding XC and trail centres, often sneering at what I perceived to be lazy downhillers. I tried an uplift day and have never looked back. You learn more technical skills on one uplift day than weeks of XC. It teaches so much.

  4. Top quality Premier content, give the sound man a job on Jedi’s next blog 😉

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