Fresh Goods Friday 121

by Dave Anderson 15

As the Automatic kind of sang “What’s that coming over the hill is it the weekend? Is it the weekend?” It’s vaguely lunchtime and it’s time for Fresh Goods Friday.

Onwards to Beer O’Clock and a weekend of crispy cold goodness…

What’s that, we hear you cry? ‘Who let Matt loose in the workshop, with the grown-ups’ tools, with his reputation?’

He does a good impression of knowing what he's doing.

Truth is he couldn’t wait to build up his new…

Mondraker Foxy XR

Like a Foxy, erm, lady

The Mondraker Foxy XR offers 140mm rear travel mated to a 160mm fork up front. As favoured by Fabien Barel, the frame features Mondraker’s ‘Forward Geometry’ which promises easy uphills and fast descents. With a 67° head angle and 48″ wheelbase it’s easy to understand where the downhill speed and stability comes from. Available as full build off the peg bikes, Matt’s decided to take the route of ‘eclectic self-build’ with a frame-only option.

140mm of rear suspension gold/Essex bling

Lured by the promise of easy uphills, Matt’s building his 1×10 with a SRAM X0 drivetrain and X0 trail brakes providing the stopping power. The ‘Zero Suspension System’ is a virtual pivot with the shock floating between two links and compressed from either end to maintain pedalling efficiency whilst dealing with bumps

Centre stem is a short one...

The Foxy XR’s long top tube is compensated for with a ‘Centre stem’ to maintain body positioning whilst throwing out the front wheel to create a big footprint for downhill stability.

Price: TBC

From: Mondraker


Cannondale Trigger CRB2

Lone Ranger just out of shot

The Trigger CRB2 is Cannondale’s 120mm XC/Trail orientated bike that is, in their words, “the speedy little brother of the OverMountain clan”. Think of it as a short and snappy Jekyll, perfect for UK riding then. The Hi-Mod carbon frame features a BB30 bottom bracket, a 1.5 headtube and clamped 15mm thru axles in the pivots and shock linkage to eliminate flex and provide a stiff pedalling platform.

X-Fusion pull shocked

Our test bike comes equipped with an X-Fusion P1RL pull shock with platform lockout, SRAM X9 2×10 drivetrain, Magura MT2 180mm/160mm brakes and Mavic Crosstrail wheels.

Fresh from the Leftorium

Front suspension is the newly redesigned Lefty PBR 130 which now matches a square upper stanchion and needle bearings with a more traditional lower bushing which Cannondale reckons offers a lighter, stiffer, stronger package with smoother travel than other forks.

Never forget what you're ridng again

Having been big fans of previous Cannondale models such as the Rush, we’re looking forward to getting our fingers on the Trigger (it had to be done – Ed).

Price: £3799.99

From: Cannondale

Epic Bleed Kits

Dolly is a little bleeder

Epic Bleeding Solutions has sent in two of its bleed kits for us to try. A Shimano bleed kit for 2012 onwards brakes, with what is claimed to be an improved funnel system is priced at £11.99 and a SRAM Reverb kit which is supplied with 100ml genuine SRAM 2.5wt fluid at £14.99.

Epic is aiming to be the number one online resource for all things bleeding related, with how-to guides and articles planned for its site.

From: Epic Bleed Solutions


Exposure Six Pack and Sirius

The Little and Large of lights

Dark nights mean light tests and we’re received two offerings from Exposure. The Six Pack Mk3 is the latest incarnation of the popular night killer this year coming in 75g lighter and 10% brighter at a claimed 2000 lumens. It also features Exposure’s new OMS, Optimised Mode Selector which allows programming the light to enable burn times of anywhere between 2-36 hours. Price: £429.99

The Sirius is aimed at commuters with a claimed 360 lumens, burn time of 2-6 hours, and a quick and easy handle bar mount. Price: £114.99

From: Exposure Lights


Alchemy Goods

It's upcycled baby, yeah?

DC Cycles and Izzi Velo have combined to bring in Seattle based and designed Alchemy Goods upcycled products. Here Dolly models the Magnolia Handbag with internal red fabric lining. Price £77.99

iPad cover for cyclists or fetishists

The Redmond 10in sleeve is aimed at protecting your Kindle/iPad/other tablet. We reckon it’s rubbery. Price £24.99

Minimalist walletist

Heading out on the town? Carry your cash in a Bell Town folding wallet. Price: £19.99 or carry your false ID in a Night Out wallet. Price: £9.99

Cute man bag

Sim loves carrying his shopping in a bag ideally designed from old advertising banners. He was over the moon when the Wholesome Tote arrived. Price: £19.99.

From: IzziVelo

Ixs Cleaver leg armour

Ninja Grace defends this weeks mystery graph

Grace is modelling the impressively light Ixs Cleaver leg armour. Backed with ‘Aeromesh’ for temperature control and wicking and ‘ArmadilloDuo’ double injected shell for protection. Price: €99.95

Ixs gravity clothing selection

Sim's got booze

Here Sim’s modelling the Ixs Crappus (no giggling at the back) jersey designed with breathability and wicking in mind and featuring mesh inserts. The Crappus comes equipped with an integral lens wipe and mp3 pocket for GNAR soundtracks. Price: €59.95


After a quick change, and sobering up, Simsan is modelling the Spelm short sleeve jersey. Price: €49.95

Not the crane, more woodpecker

Taking advice from Mr Miyagi, Sim adopts the attack pose ‘Double Woodpecker’ while wearing the Ragisch jersey. Price: Price: €39.95

Big Blue Pants

To match the Spelm jersey you’ll be wanting a pair of Vial Bc shorts. Non padded, mesh lined and with a breathable and wicking design to keep you cool when the going gets hot. Price: €59.95

Also available in a more subtle black…

Like Black Flag

From: Ixs Sport Division


That’s it for this week folks. It’s cold, the ground is hard, which means we’ll be hitting up those high-up trails in the valley that have been out of bounds due to the boggy conditions we’ve been experiencing.

Saddle up, the weekend’s here!

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  1. ooooh, Cannondale me likey. Maybe a good replacement for the ST4…

  2. Running very low pressure on the Mondraker?

  3. Uphills ain’t going to be easy with that centre stem.

  4. looking forward to the review of the Mondraker

  5. Getting goo all over the carpet!

  6. Half the images don’t appear to be working.

    Just me? (Using Chrome 23.0.1271.95 m)

  7. Not working for me either.

  8. All working now. Ta.

    Really didn’t like the Nomad-esque hump on the Mondrakers when they first came out, but they’re really growing on me. Looks very nice indeed. And keen to hear what you make of the forward geo thing. Interesting concept.

  9. Bought an Epic Bleed Kit a few weeks back for my Avids. Top product, great service and so much cheaper than the official SRAM kit.

  10. Yep, working for me now as well, ta.

  11. what’s the diagram on the whiteboard?

  12. Can I purchase one of your ST doormats ?

  13. Love the cannondale naming scheme. Really looking forward to the boysie, rodney and del boy announcements.

  14. Cannondale should last for years. 3 new frames and 10 new wheels… You could sweep the floor with it (“,)

  15. like the look of the stem on the Cannondale

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