Singletrack Issue 77 Extras: Macclesfield Forest Route Guide

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For the Issue 77 route guide, our Jenn headed to the in-between world that is Macclesfield Forest. Sandwiched with the metropolis of Manchester on one side and the Peak District on the other, it’s a sometimes overlooked playground for mountain bikers. You can read the full route guide in the magazine when it arrives on the 25th October but in the meantime Singletrack Subscribers can download both a PDF map and GPX route guide…

"Give thanks for disc brakes, because your old Mavic X717s wouldn’t have lasted more than a few wet months here."

“Macclesfield Forest is one of those not-forests. Yes, there are trees there. The place is thick with them in parts. Mostly close to the car parks. But when you’re visiting on two wheels you’ll not find much of the good stuff among the trees. When riders say ‘Macc Forest’, they actually mean the swathe of hill behind it, which rises up from the Cheshire plain before blurring into the edge of the Peak District, that has very few trees on it at all. This can be confusing to a newcomer, looking for a forest. But there is riding to be had in abundance, which is where we come in.”

Download GPX Route

Download PDF Map

The mighty Macclesfield Forest


Comments (7)

    Your links are the wrong way around (pdf shows gps file …) 🙂

    Charity land and Wildboarclough are lots of fun. Will need to try that extra loop around Cut-thorn hill at some point!

    The extra bit towards three shires head isn’t great imo. There is a real slog over / around a very muddy & boggy field to add in not that much. The Charity Lane and Cumberland Brook sections are fantastic though.

    There is a great descent behind the Cat & Fiddle out towards Derbyshire Bridge that can be added in rather than Danebower Hollow but it’s a bit of a slog to get back up to Cumberland Brook then.

    I think the word forest is used in the regal sense i.e. an area of land that was reserved for royal hunting and not necessarily densely wooded 🙂

    Cut-thorn hill section is very boggy in the winter, The Charity Lane and Cumberland Brook sections are ace!
    If u start at tegg’s nose country park theres a good section on rocks & cobbles down to maccs forest!

    Just read in the magazine that landed on my door mat this morning. Can’t wait to ride it, just making some meetings with clients in that area 🙂

    You are truly doing your job well! Read the article and was inspired to try the route the next day, making the most of my half term. Awesome route, tough enough yet rideable with plenty of thrilling descents. The gpx file just made life easier too. Thanks

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