Midweek Mini Movies 113

by 8

After a brief recess due to that hammered pork bike show, Midweek Movies is back! We’ve once again trawled through the classier bits of the internet to find some two wheel inspiration – via some four wheeled oddities and a Status Quo cover.


Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestion this week and if you’ve seen anything you reckon should be up here, then fire an email to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com

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    She was pretty. It’s excellent that Mike’ll have left her by the roadside somewhere with her head full of his interesting stories.

    Edited in the interests of good taste…

    mental note, don’t take directions from Dan Atherton – long way round….

    Was Dan Atherton in a hurry?

    the speed they go in the ‘Strengh in Numbers’ segment is ridiculous

    I feel another Wales weekender coming up…..once my collarbone has healed (thankyou Fort Bill)

    Here’s a nice little edit from the European Bike Polo Champs in Paris. Lots of face plants, cheering and fixie twitching.

    Definitely not fixies

    Don’t blame Skateboarding for Killian Martin! Bleurgh….(Reminds himself to watch Johhny more closely in the future)

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