Up The Buttress 2012

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The Buttress is 400 yards of the steepest cobbled road in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. It’s so steep there’s actually a hand rail up parts of it.

On the 8th September you can have a go at riding it on your bike (any bike) and if you are the quickest up then you win. Last year the start was 50 yards up the hill in order to avoid the road and the steepest section but this year we are taking no prisoners and the start will be right on the bridge in the centre of town. That will get the serious a bit of a run up and the not so serious the chance to be heckled from the crowds as they grunt and spin up the hill.

This year’s event is once again sponsored by the likes of Singletrack, Yorkshire Tea, Blazing Saddles and Orange Bikes and every entrant gets a goody bag (which once emptied doubles as a handy sick bag).

Price of entry is just £10 and you can enter online right here.


The whole race is about having fun and entries are open to everyone from seasoned hill-climbing  massochists to beginners – judging by last year’s crowds all will be encouraged up the hill equally.

Want to read the results of last year’s race? Click here for the pics and the glory.


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    Hmm, got the swim for a relay team at a Half Ironman in the morning, can I make it from Rutland Water to Hebden Bridge in time?? It’s tempting!!

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