It’s Singletrack Sleepless This Weekend!

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As the time draws close for this year’s Singletrack Sleepless in the Saddle 24 hour race, the final preparations (to the course and to the riders’ packing lists) are being done. Here’s a round-up of a few nuggets we’ve been sent recently…

Let’s start with the news that there’ll be a Singletrack Premier bar and buffet. All you need to do is present your Singletrack Premier card (or remember your sub number) and Mark will usher you behind the velvet rope to the VIP zone. We’ll have some home-baked treats ready for you. You can sign up for a sub at the event and it’ll probably pay for itself in cakes right away.

Singletrack is also proud to once again sponsor the Lurkers’ Bar. If you’re due to come in five minutes before the end of the race and don’t want to go out again (and you can see that your team is already in jeans and tees and drinking beer…) then why not ‘accidentally’ stop 200 yards from the finish line and have a cheap French lager while you ‘check on that funny noise’ on your bike and accidentally miss the cutoff for another lap of the course…

This is what it was like last year...


Put lights on charge... now!




Singletrack will also be unveiling it’s newest merchandise; the rain-repelling Singletrack ‘What tyres for drizzle?’ umbrellas… ellas… ellas.

We’ve also been sent this puntastic release from event clothing sponsors, Endura.

Are ewe-r cycling jerseys a bit a ram-shackle? Are your biking fleeces in pieces? It’d be a ca-lamb-ity if you missed our competition bleating Scrappage Scheme offer at Singletrack Sleepless in the Saddle:

Ren-Ewe your old jersey. Trade-in any old jersey and get 45% off an Endura BaaBaa Merino Tech Jersey.
“Made out of finest, mercerised pure Merino Wool, the BaaBaa Merino Tech Jersey has an incredible soft next- to-skin feel and is naturally odour resistant to keep you fresh and sweet smelling throughout your 24h-race. The jersey comes in a relaxed fit and features Merino/Lycra mesh panels for optimal ventilation, a concealed security zip pocket, front zip with wrap over chin guard, and cover stitched seams.

We’ll bring a stack of these with us, but it will be first come, first served. Our stand in the arena will be open from Friday afternoon through to the end of the race on Sunday, so drop in to check out the official Singletrack Sleepless in the Saddle jersey and take advantage of the Scrappage Scheme.”

Endura also still has a few official Sleepless in the Saddle jerseys available to pick up at the event.


In other news, regulars at UK 24 hour races will be delighted to hear that the not-sanctioned by the organisers, legendary ‘Jump of Doom’ will be making a fresh appearance. Will you be brave enough to take on the huge jump and monster air that it forces upon you?

Race organiser Pat Adams has sent us a swanky map of the camping and the arena, so that you can work out where you’re going to stay and where to meet up with your other pals there. Pat reckons there’s more trackside camping than ever before too.

Here’s the confirmed (PDF) list of entrants so far (if you have entered in the last 24 hours you may not be on this list – DON’T PANIC! If money has left your account you are in!)





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    Love the jump! The runway lights last year were great!

    I did the jump of doom on lap 2, it nearly ended in tears (and entertaining for other!) so decided the hand tagging was the safer option for the following laps. Awesome event thought guys, very well organised and the marshalls were superb!

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