Thule 591 ProRide Roof Rack

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The 591 ProRide in situ

Issue 75 features our review of the Thule 891 Slide Bars and the 561 Outride Racks. We also tested this 591 ProRide rack too.

The best way to make sure your bike is compatible with a roof rack is to pick a frame mounting version over a fork mounting one. The advantage is there’s no axle compatibility issues – the disadvantage is a taller vehicle with reduced stability.
That said the 591 has a locking mechanism built into the handle, which is also cleverly designed to be at the bottom of the arm rather than at the top and out of reach of short people like myself.
The jaw opens wide with a pull of the locking lever and it easily grabs the down tube of even large, funny shaped framed bikes like an Orange 5. The jaw clamps firmly although there’s still a gap left, which as it turns out is a lot more secure than it looks.
The rack locks on to the roof bars so you will be left with two identical looking keys – one for the rack to bars lock and the other for the rack to bike. However, a lock is only as secure as it’s weakest point and as with the Outride rack (reviewed in Issue 75) the weakest point is the strength of the plastic locking handle. So, despite the two locks, we can’t recommend that you rely on them to stop any determined thief. If you have to leave your bike alone on your car we’d strongly recommend that you also use an extra good quality cable lock.
Out on the road the rack holds a bike very firmly with no noticeable wobble until you get up to motorway speeds, when we noticed a slight wobble in the front wheel.
Overall: One of the best universal type roof mounted carriers we’ve seen, but make sure you add your own security if you find you need to leave your bike on the roof for your post ride cake and coffee stop.

Review Info

Brand: Thule
Product: 591 ProRide Roof rack
Price: £92.50
Tested: by Mark for 4
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    I can’t help but think this review was at best carefully written around the bad bits. It certainly wasn’t a glowing review. One to avoid I think.

    I’ve got four of these 591 prorides, and they hold all of our family bikes securely, from a 16″ wheel hotrock up to a Five. They also work just as well with road bikes. I’ve never had any concerns about them falling off, even at autobahn speeds. Also, if you shop carefully online you can get all of your lock barrels matched,mso just one key needed. What’s not to like?

    I agree.. This is a great rack (That’s my review BTW) and yes, you can get the locks all matched if you want – Thule charge extra for this. It’s not a negative review from me. I was testing the sliding bars the 561 and this 591 rack all together. This was the one item in that trio I’d spend my own cash on. But I’d always make sure I had a proper lock securing them on my bars if I was doing anything other than just popping in the shop to buy some milk. But then don’t most of us already have locks anyway, so it’s not a big issue.

    Have successful used a pair of these wonderful racks since Thule introduced them. Looking at how many I see where mountain bikers congregate would seem to confirm their popularity. However would add these few comments. My aged keys are able to open other locks, old and new!! The original “wheel holder units” were quite brittle and have had to replace all four, but Thule have beefed them up. My locks have been known to freeze up. One of the lock barrels “spins” in the plastic holder – a sign of age no doubt. Great having the bikes out of the way on the roof, but after a muddy wet ride roof of the car can also get muddy!! Need plenty of side space to get bikes up and down, have scratched/dented sides of cars (mine) when others parked in close to me or am tired. Additional security a must even when at Trail centres, not just at Morrison’s!!!

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