Singletrack Issue 75

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Todmorden might be on flood watch again but we’re still here beavering away on the last few bits of the new issue of Singletrack while the waters rise around us.


Blimey – we’re 75 issues old!

Issue 75's cover shot, by Dan Milner: Mike Foster & Diego, Chamonix France. Mmmmm, summer.

Here’s what’s in our XTR anniversary issue (in the absence of a definitive Wikipedia entry on 75th anniversary values, we’re claiming our favourite groupset):

Contents 75.

9/ Editorial: Making Sense Of Your Senses.
Chipps turns his finely-tuned musician’s ears towards his bicycle habit.

10/ Realism: The Worst Rides Of All Time.
Everybody has them, nobody talks about them: curator of misery Benji Haworth turns his attention to bad rides.

20/ Column: Cheek To Cheek.
Roly has saddle issues. Please bare with him.

22/ Benji Haworth: Sewing Seed.
Benji used his last few moments of wedded freedom to write us a column.

26/ Jewels Of The Isle: Wilf’s Café, Staveley.
If you went to a bike race in the 90s, you’ve probably already partaken of Wilf’s. Geoff Johnson has a poke around the Yard.

All the best races start with an uplift. Picture: Jenn Hopkins, Transvesubienne.

30/ International Travel: Transvesubienne – Nice Or Bust.
How hard can the hardest one-day race in France be? Jenn finds out.

40/ Interview: No Fuss Events – Three Pints Of Inspiration.
Jon chats business with Frazer, Spook and Chloe of No Fuss Events.

"Hello? Is that Ali Baba's Kebab Emporium?" No Fuss: the UK's most enterprising race organisation team.

48/ Adventure: Snow Mental.
Ever wondered what’s going through the mind of someone pedalling across Alaska? Shaggy gives us an insight; it’s not what you’d expect.

58/ A Question Of Fitness.
One pulmonary embolus, some eggy breakfasts and a downhiller with a sore back: the panel gets stuck in.

Snowdon: mean and moody.

64/ Classic Rides: Yr Wyddfa.
What do you do when you’ve got the most iconic Welsh mountain on your doorstep? Simple – nip up and down it after work. Ali Chant is a lucky boy.

78/ The Big Feature: Scottish Cycling.
Chipps looks at how similar, yet pleasingly different (and rather better) Scotland’s cycling governing body seems to be.

Sheffield in the springtime. Cy Turner and Dom Mason discover it ain't all grim oop north.

92/ UK Riding: Trail Swap.
Dom Mason and Cy Turner do the North vs. South thing with us.

103/ Bike Test: Twenty Nine Inch Heroes.
Three sub-grand 29ers for your delectation from Felt, KHS and On-One.

112/ Through The Grinder.
Roof racks, groupsets, finishing kit and Matt’s Slackerator™; not an umbrella to be seen.

124/ Grinder Bikes: Yeti SB66 and Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon.
A brace of supertrailbikes for you to dribble over.

130/ Premier Listings.
Proud owner of a Premier Member’s card? This is what you win…

133/ Grouptest: Summer? What Summer?
There didn’t seem much point in the usual bikini test this year, so we’ve taken a look at real-world clothing systems instead.

146/ We Just Work Here.
Who does what, how to get in touch, what helped this issue on its way and who we’d like to thank.

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    This is the very first time I am looking forward to a mag to be released 😀

    Do you think that there is a high likelyhood that subscribers will receive there magazine on the 19th July after the problems with Royal Mail last issue?

    Genuine question – as I’m off on my honeymoon on the 20th and it would be ace if I had my sub copy of the mag through on the 19th to relieve the boredom on the plane :0)

    will 75 arrive before 74 thats the question.

    What happened to right up on tubs?

    rik don’t hold your breath last issue was surpose to arrive the day before i went on holiday did it ****

    Rik – really, on your honeymoon?! Mrs. Rik is lucky…………

    Genuine LOL at Rik. Suppose you need something for post-coital entertainment.


    Rik – obviously we hope that the schedules are met but once the magazine leaves the office, it’s out of our hands. I do hope your fiance doesn’t read this before the ceremony though 😉

    Swedish Chef – Chipps has the Gipiemme tubs on a bike, unfortunately they’re intermediate tyres and the trails are not currently in anything approaching that. If he’s not done something with them by the time next issue approaches we’re going to send him on holiday with them.

    Slack Alice – Steve Worland will be in issue 76, he and Benji ‘share’ the big column.

    Looking forward to read your article jenn 😉

    Erm – delay in getting the Digital copy out ?

    Still waiting………

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