Ritchey Trailmasters is coming…

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Mike comes with news of the Ritchey TrailMasters, a three day XC endurance event taking place over a long weekend in August (17-19th) in Llanwrtyd Wells (Central Wales):

Well Llanwrtyd Wells.

With the summer (kind of) progressing, our new big three day XC Enduro event of the year is getting closer and closer. The Ritchey TrailMasters powered by Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport will take place in August (17-18-19th) this year and will combine marathon style long distance rides with timed special stages – similar to the infamous TransWales but only a long weekend long.

The new Ritchey TrailMasters powered by Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport is only a few weeks away and we have some exciting news for all the pairs riders out there.

Originally the TrailMasters was open for solo riders and teams of three but due to popular demand we have now added the pairs option to the line-up as well.

So from now on you can either enter the event as a solo, a pair or a team of three. All three are available as open (for riders from 18 years upwards – average age below 40 years) and vets (for riders from 18 years upwards – average age above 40 years).

The main difference between the three types is the way they are timed in the special (timed) stages. Where solo riders obviously get scored on their individual time, pairs get scored on the average time of the two riders and teams (of 3) will get scored on the average time of the two fastest riders in the team.

For the teams that could mean that a mechanical or a ‘not so perfect’ run of one of the team members is not going to have a huge effect on the time in that particular special stage. And you can play more on the strengths or weaknesses of your team partners. So lots to think about!

If you have already entered and you would like to change to a pair – no problem just let us know via info@trailmasters.cc and we can change that on our list.

Other info on the event:
The website has been very busy and our Ritchey TrailMasters guidebook had so far over 75,000 individual readers but here again a list of useful links to the most important pages on www.trailmasters.cc.

The riding:
The most important part of the Ritchey TrailMasters. Find out course details, riding times, start times and everything else you need to know when it comes to hitting the dirt. Go to the RIDING page.

Off the bike:
We also now that the ‘off the bike’ time is hugely important when staying away for the whole weekend and when possibly having your own support crew with you. See what we have planned for the Ritchey TrailMasters by going to the BACK AT BASE page.

Obviously rather important if you like the sound of the Ritchey TrailMasters. You can enter via the secure online entry or downloadable entry form. And don’t forget you can now choose between SOLO, PAIRS or TEAMS (of 3). Go to the ENTRY page.

See you all in August!

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