Midweek Movies 105

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More movies in the mid-week for you…

First up, take some great trails, nice weather and a couple of World Champions. Lopes and Chausson get to strut some of their stuff for the camera this spring.

Now here’s the Switzerland segment from the Anthill Film’s new Strength in Numbers film

With the Olympics coming up, sadly the most bonkers of track events – the tandem sprint is no longer in the event – but luckily the Paralympics has plenty of action to watch. Far from being the poor cousin to the ‘main’ event, we reckon the Paralympic track events are going to rock! Here’s a look at last time round.

More Olympics, did anyone see Danny MacAskill and the torch? He joked that he’d been practicing with a 2×4 and some petrol… But has anyone tried wheelying while holding a large, brass lamppost in their hand? We were amused to see that at Fort William he appeared to have turned his torch into a giant vuvuzela…

Having spent some time with ‘Friend of Singletrack’, Mr Mark Weir, recently, we found this great video that shows his California ranch. This is where he helps develop tyres for WTB, but generally it’s just where he drives Jeeps, shoots guns and gets the boys round for a bike ride…

In honour of SRAM’s new XX-1 11speed groupset, we feel that it’s entirely appropriate to show this:

Keeping it old-school, how about some Shaun Palmer from the Chainsmoke video?

Arty Corner
In the absence of Matt we’re branching out into culture (innit). Here’s a rather pretty musing on surfing in the North Sea.

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    Ta. Reckon that’s fixed now…

    Was that a dry trail in the first video? Forgotten what they look like.

    Classy surf film up north looks nice!

    Those mojos make a weird noise…

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