Fresh Good Friday 175

by Chipps 9

Cam One Infinity mountable camera system.
Price: £210
From: Action

Ignoring the obvious influence, the new Cam One camera looks an interesting take on the personal action video camera. There’s a familiar looking waterproof case, but both the case and the camera have regular tripod mounts (yay!). The camera itself is about the size of a GoPro, but includes an integral LCD screen. We’ve got it for a couple of weeks so we’ll let you know how the video quality is.

Orange 322
Price: £4,999 built. £2399 frame.
From: Orange Bikes

A what? Has Singletrack gone all burly? This Orange 322 is on loan from Orange Bikes for Chipps, who’s going to be riding it next weekend at the No Fuss Events six hour endurance downhill race. With 200mm of downhill bike travel, even he should be able to keep it upright most of the time. You’ll be able to see how he gets on soon.

Rokform iPhone case
Price: £69.99 including bike mount and case.
From: and UK Importer

Here’s a different take on the usual iPhone case. This one is a skeletal slide-on case that locks the phone inside. There’s an optional magnet in the back that allows the case to be stuck to metal things (we’ve seen it done on a moving car) and finally there’s a bike mount. This replaces your stem cap and, from what we can tell so far, gives you a rock-solid base to get your Strava-on from. However, being American, it’s not in the least bit water resistant, so we’ll see how it fares with a phone in it.

Clif Shot Bloks
Price: £2.25 for a packet, £40 a box
From: 2Pure

We’re big fans of the jelly-cube Clif Shot Bloks. You can carry an open packet in a short pocket without it leaking everywhere and the cubes are just a handy size to be able to chew and still breathe while riding. They come in all sorts of flavours and they’re good for a subtle energy boost that doesn’t feel too much like you’re on a training programme.

Clif Builders’ Bars
Price: £1.99 a bar, £23.50 a box
From: 2Pure

20g of protein in a bar and good stuff like beet juice, it’s not a bad after-ride (or mid-deadline) snack. We see the internet-powering hamsters here have already been training up on the stuff.

Pedro’s Tutto chain tool
Price: £89.99
From: 2Pure

Ninety quid for a chain tool? Yes… however, this workshop-grade chain tool is solidly made and has a dial that will let it fit and fix chains all the way from BMX singlespeed chains up to the most delicate of 11speed systems. AND, unlike our well-worn existing Pedro’s tool, it’s black and not yellow so won’t show the grease…

Crank Bros Cobalt 2 wheelset 15/QR
Price: £499.99 a pair
From: 2Pure
We did get a big box from 2Pure, didn’t we? This is the newly revamped Cobalt wheelset from Crank Bros. It’s fully tubeless and very distinctive looking with its half alloy/half steel spokes and sticky-out rim flange.



The WD-40 Family
Price: Look below
From: Chicken Cycle Kit through dealers everywhere.

We’ve been sent a boxful of stuff from WD-40. There’s more to it than just penetrant… Here are the prices:
400ml Penetrant – £8.50
400ml White Lithium – £8.50
400ml PTFE High Performance Lube – £8.50
500ml Degreaser – £8.50
400ml PTFE Dry Lube – £8.50
WD-40 with ‘Smart Straw’ – £6.49
So, that’s no more squeaky doors here for a while at least!


Mule Bar – Café Cortado gels
Price: £36 a box of 24
From: Saddleback

To be sold individually at the mathematically obvious £1.50 each

Those UK natural energy people at Mule have send us these new Café Cortado gels. They contain guarana and, though it’s not marked on the packet, 100mg of caffeine – or as much as a small cup of coffee. Chipps puts the taste at “Dry instant coffee granules, possible with a hint of Bovril…” but we’ll pass them round and get a second opinion.


Google Nexus-7 Tablet
Price: From £159
From: Gadget emporiums
As pukka pioneers in technology here at Singletrack: first UK magazine podcast, first UK magazine pdf copies and all that stuff, we like a bit of new-tech. In order to ride the wave of the new, smaller tablets that are starting to appear, we’ve got ourselves one of these Nexus-7 jobs from Google. (It was never proved that Deckerd was a Nexus-7, though Rachel probably was…) – so far we’ve been very impressed. And the magazine looks pretty good on it too.




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  1. I did a slight doubletake at the need for a bikemount “iPad case” mentioned above, then realised that part of the info is a typo…

  2. Fixed, thanks for paying attention. I’m off to find more coffee before I write anything else…

  3. Don’t get your hopes up about those tropical punch shot bloks, they’re not a patch on the mountain berry ones.

  4. I’m partial to the margarita flavour, but I don’t think they do them in the UK.

  5. Buy alot of baked bean tins for the price of that Orange frame

  6. Knowing that there’s a WD40 family makes me feel all warm inside…and lubey.

  7. Builder’s bars rock esp the Mint flavour ones….

  8. Been reading singlerack site and pdf on 8″ tablet on train. Great way to unwind.

  9. Builders bars are tasty but way too much fat for a recovery bar..

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